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The instructor brings in the participants' cultural backgrounds. I know you all come from different backgrounds... cultures and religions. I'd also like to discuss our subject with you from that perspective. Is it so very different when you're born in the Netherlands or Europe... from when you're born in Africa, Asia or South America? Is a crush or having sex for the first time different? Is the insecurity about these things different elsewhere in the world? I'd like to discuss these subjects with you. Is that OK? What do you know about your parents' education? Yval, could you tell us which culture and background your parents have... and how they experienced these things, if you know? My mother has a Dutch background and my father is an Israeli. Does he ever tell you how it was when he was young... about what he did if he wanted to date a girl? When I speak to him, we don't really discuss that. Anyone else. Vera, how about you? My father is Dutch and my mother is Russian. Her upbringing was quite strict, but also quite liberal in a sense. They could easily socialise... but I don't think they talked or deliberated much about it. I don't really know if she went out. They did go to the movies etc, but not really to pubs. My father just partied and went out, but he lived in the Netherlands. Which choices do you make? And how about you? I can go where I want, when I want and with whom I want. And they haven't mentioned an age limit? How old are you now? I'm 13 now. -Right. So I can begin now. -You're allowed to go out? Going out and going to pubs, why do you do that? To meet someone. -Exactly, to meet someone. Does everyone have that freedom? Or are there people who... What do I mean by freedom? That you can decide for yourself if you want to go to a pub, I guess. And the freedom to fall in love and with whom you want. Right. Do you have any experience with that? As far as emotional and relational values are concerned... we are all the same. It's traditions and rules that make a difference.

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cultural background

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