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Consciousness & Awareness. Sadhguru

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What is the difference between consciousness and awareness? Two English words. Both of them don't mean anything, actually. Now, when I say this, I want you to look at life as life, not as an academic subject. Any word, in any language, actually doesn't mean anything. Is that so? Let's say you don't know English language. I'm going on talking. What does it sound like to you? It looks like I'm uttering total nonsense. zuhzuhzuhzuh I'm going on. Isn't it so? Someone is talking in a language that you don't understand, all those words, do they actually mean anything? It's all made-up meaning. Isn't it? Isn't it so? So, I'm trying to tell you, in the very essence of life anything that you utter doesn't mean anything, actually. But still, why are we talking? Why I'm talking, let me explain to you. If you allow me to sit here quietly, for these two days, I can make this situation a hundred times more powerful. But the problem is, if I sit here quietly, you will go nuts. Isn't it so? I am making all the noise. As I'm making all the noise, which you are trying to make some logical sense out of everything, just listening, listening, listening, you have become silent. That's where Yoga is. Not in the words. That's where Yoga is. That's why I'm telling you, just be with me. Just be with me. Don't worry about this and that. Simply be with me. You do not know how to be involved with me unless I speak. Isn't it? So I'm speaking. Not because the words "consciousness", "awareness" this, that, mean anything. They don't mean anything. Anyway. Let's coming back to the language. What they mean. Awareness. Being conscious may mean, just being, if you....if a doctor says "he's conscious" he just means that, you know, from being faint he's become conscious. By being - from becoming totally unconscious to conscious. It is in those terms that a medical terminology would be used. But when we are speaking about consciousness, we are not talking on those terms. We are talking about your present state of consciousness, medically conscious, as unconscious. You have become conscious of other dimensions within you. So we say that's conscious. It's a very relative usage of terminology. Awareness. Awareness is not something that you do or you have to practice, or anything. To what extent you are aware, is to the extent that you are alive, isn't it? Whatever you are not aware of, does not exist in your experience. Is it so? Hm? Is it so? Only that which you are aware of, exists in your experience. Whatever you are not aware of, does not exist in your awareness - in your experience. So you. You are awareness. Right now you're aware, Are you? Are you? Now those of you sitting on plastic chairs or metal chairs and sleeping off, I'm better equipped than you. Hm? Am I not better equipped than you? I've got pillows, too. Now if you keep threatening me like this, I'm going to lie down. Keep your neighbors awake, it's your responsibility. Let's not get into semantics. If you become aware in a higher way, than you are right now, which you will, with simple methods, you will see. Your awareness will move into a higher phase, and suddenly, the very way you function in the world is different. The very way you exist and experience life, is different, simply because your awareness has included more possibilities into itself. Analogy would be like, let's say awareness is like light. If we keep the...let's say there's a single light here, and the voltage is low, it lights only this much area. You crank up the voltage, suddenly it lights the whole hall. When there was just this much spot, only this much was in your experience. When it lights up the whole hall, the whole hall comes into your experience, isn't it? Awareness is just like this. You do not become aware because you want to be. You become aware when your energy is raised to a different pitch. You become more and more aware. So here, what we will be doing is just that. To raise your energies to a higher pitch, so that your awareness will include so many aspects of your life, which were never before in your experience. Once you have come here, you must experience everything that is life and go. Isn't it? Yes? At least everything that is "you" must be experienced, isn't it so? Or is it enough if you just experience your little finger, and go? You must experience everything of you, isn't it? For that, you need to be aware. You may need to push your awareness up, to a higher possibility.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 A seeker asks the difference between consciousness and awareness. Sadhguru explains the importance of avoiding academics and focusing on just being with him. (AO51)

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