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Adobe AIR 2 for Android

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[ADOBE DEVELOPER CONNECTION] Hello, my name is Christophe Coenraets and I'm a Technical Evangelist with Adobe. Today I want to show you an application that I built with the beta version of AIR for Android. The application is an employee directory that helps you navigate through the org chart of your organization. So let me start the application, bring up the keyboard. So in this case I'm just going to look for my name, and I get a list of employees. I will select my name. And so, using the application you can--as I said before-- navigate through the org charts, so I will click View Manager, I'll see my manager, I can look at the directory ports of my manager and go back to my own view. And then from there, I can take a couple of different actions, like, for instance, I have phone integration here. I can invoke the phone dialer, I can integrate with SMS, so we'll send a text message. Hit the back key again or I can also send an email using one of the email clients available on your device. So this application was built using AIR for Android, and what I wanted to do now is to actually quickly show you the code of the application so that you understand how it can be built. So we are looking at the source code here, and what you will notice is that it's built the exact same way you would build any AIR application-- or any Flex application, actually. So just to give you an example, this application uses a local SQLite database so that you can access the database even when you don't have connectivity, and to do that we used the traditional API--so the file API-- available in AIR to access the database file. And then from there, I will use the SQLite database API to open my database and access my database. So the bottom line is that it's really business as usual. You build these applications the same way you would build any Flex application deployed on AIR. You can find out more about the beta version of AIR for Android on Thank you. [ADOBE DEVELOPER CONNECTION]

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Posted by: adobetv on Oct 21, 2010

Explore Adobe AIR for Android.  Technical Evangelist Christophe Coenraets demonstrates a contact directory application built with AIR 2 for Android.

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