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AP gov video

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We the all day party, the others are doing hardly We comin to bring the house down like the newest showin of shark week Dems and Reps Don't know what their doin Don't know the goals pursuin Then the All Day party came in right They gone and flew in Enough of this talk time for our policies Gun control end entirely If i didn't give the fun they wanted Party would've fired me But guns a necessity, the right to defend with weaponry Restrictions are a thing of the past so our new law is heavenly Moving on to civil rights, the fight for people man that's tight We're ending the ties of undenying superficial race and might Color and Class it don't mean a thing, Culture age or amount of bling So celebrate the All Day Party and let the bells of freedom ring Education a thing of the past, marked a target better go fast The need to learn is second to a life of parties having a blast Jobs are unimportant as well, No need for money to shell Society is changing people look to the future, don't even dwell Our demographics always changing, Partiers grow in population Changing this forsaken country to a giant unified nation The All Day Party's growing the truth. Don't believe? I'll show you the proof Check out this graph and watch as our party goes through the roof We are the All Day Party and this is our motto Party all day, Party all night, like you won the lotto All the other political parties aren't about the people When we walking up to the White House you will know what we for Democrats say guns are danger restrict them more like sheep in a manger Reps think keeping guns for people is really just about 30 times safer Left and right support our rights the All day party don't care if you white We gon take our mission to free the people and go put it in flight Blue vs Red how funding is spent education, the base of our debt Schools are keeping us trapped eternally just like lee he's stuck in a net It comes to jobs talk minimum wage democrats raise elephants stay The all day would rather play then go to work and barely get paid When it comes to parties the one you will see The easy choice all day party to be otha parties go play with a tee, we hit grand slams it's time to leave.

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Posted by: mallowme99 on May 30, 2016

AP gov video

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