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SpaceVidcast SpacePod 13.7.10

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Jon McBride: Nice to be here. I hope you recognize that song. 'Anchor's Away', the Navy's song. Anybody here from the Navy? Nobody? If I were a young person, a young man or woman in school and I can think back to my formative days, so to speak when people came to my school or I got to meet them, they made an impression on my life. So I would hope that during these daily presentations here at the Kennedy Space Center, that I can make an impact on some youngster's life. So that to me is the most important reason for doing this. Jason Rhian: How important do you view the Astronaut Encounter in maintaining that connection with the public now that they may not see astronauts fly from Kennedy for we don't know how long. So do you really view that as an important link to maintaining that connection with the public? I certainly do. No matter which course we take here in the next six or eight months as Congress mulls over the space budget and the administration and Congress are working together to see which direction we take, I think it's very important that those of us who have been there and done it, continue what we have done and what we are doing to inspire the youngsters. The kids I'm talking to today, one of them could be the first person to walk on Mars, if and when we go there I'd love to think that if I'm still around in twenty years that I get to shake the hand of that man or woman who was down here and maybe listened to me and said, "Thank you for back in the year 2010 for convincing me I could do this and now I'm on my way and I want to thank you." I would love to get a phone call or hand shake like that one of these days. Twenty years ago I came to his Junior High School and talked to his class. He wasn't interested too much in science, but he turned it all around and got interested not only in science, but in school. Now he has a PhD working for Johns-Hopkins up in Baltimore. Those are the kind of things that really make you feel good.

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Posted by: spacevidcaster on Jul 14, 2010

You can go to Johnson Space Center, Marshall Space Flight Center and NASA Headquarters and unless it is a special event you won't meet any astronauts on your trip. ; Not so when you visit the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

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