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Farm Fresh V Store Bought - Supporting Testing and Re-testing

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[CLICK 2 SCIENCE] [Farm Fresh Versus Store Bought: Supporting Testing and Re-testing] >> Can the difference in farm fresh versus store bought items be determined by... What's that next word? >> The taste. >> Go on. >> Texture and smell of the vegetable. >> Okay. And that's what we're going to try to do. Now you all are going to be little scientists. >> An important part of the science and engineering process is allowing youth to make predictions, record database on observations and test to find out their results. Watch as Mr. Alan challenges youth to determine if they can tell the difference between store bought and farm fresh produce. Youth are encouraged to observe, make predictions and the most yummy part is testing to find out if their prediction was accurate. >> Look on your paper on the left hand side, experiment data. The first one says color, the next one says aroma. >> Texture. >>Texture and texture is the same as feeling. >> How it feels. >> Feeling, very good. And the last one is... >> Flavor. >> Taste. >> All right. Cup number one. Look at it. Don't squeeze them, just feel it. After you have done our color, that's right you're moving right along to give it a smell. Can you smell the blueberry? Put it up to your nose. Everyone, ready to taste one? >> Yes. >> Yeah. >> All right. Everyone, give it a taste. All right, now the next place down, SB for store bought or FF for farm fresh. What do you think it is? Who says that tomato was store bought? We have one hand. You're right, that tomato was store bought. Number three was store bought. The tomatoes, most of us couldn't tell the difference. For the cucumbers, most of us could not tell the difference. And even the blueberries, most of us, we have nose, so we couldn't tell the difference whether they were store bought or from the farm. Scientists are always testing things like this because we want to make sure, what? >> We're healthy. >> We're healthy. >> They are not poisonous or anything. >> They were not being poisoned. You've been very good scientists. I thank each one of you for being a scientist today. [CLICK 2 SCIENCE] [Farm Fresh Versus Store Bought: Supporting Testing and Re-testing] [Filmed in collaboration with: YP youth programs Air Force Services]

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Posted by: click2science on Mar 23, 2016

In this video, youth are encouraged to make observations and record data to help them determine if produce is store-bought or directly from the farm. Youth make observations, test their predictions and record data.

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