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C7L2: Execute at Mid Court

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Now here is a shot that really separates the men from the boys that is this mid court shot on both sides forehand and backhand. You know most players especially juniors and lets 4.5 players, they can handle the lateral shots fine moving side to side staying behind the baseline. They are great movers in that respect but then when you hit them a short ball were they have to move in and do something with it thats when things get very tentative. A lot of players will just try and block it and come in behind it. A lot of the girls especially will hit a big tip spin from there and then back peddle into the court, loosing all their momentum in that point. What you want to do is what the players do. Watch Djokovic here watch how he lines up as he is running he is lining up this 45 degree angle. He really knows where he want to make contact even while he is moving. Then he is creating tension throughout his body while he is running. See he turns inside, just a little bit see how he schooches his hips to the inside of this ball but he keeps his racket forward and that creates just enough tension to where when he gets to the ball if he immediately brings his hips back forward. See there is coil in his right arm there, there is coil in both arms but he has already come in with his hips and now his hips start to come around here. See that and he has created enough tension where he keeps his focus on the 45 degree angle he is going to get a nice pop on the ball without having to think about it its just going to come naturally off his strings. Look at that contact far away from his body with all the leverage he needs at the 45 degree angle. So its all of these lessons combined see and once again his shoulders have come around his hips still facing the 45 degree angle but it still following the line of the ball and its holding true to your 45 degree angle and tightening your coil. You have to keep all this mind while you are moving. The best way to do that is stay oriented to the contact throughout the entire hit. You don't want a big turn at any point. See here he hit off the left foot that time and he had to hold it for a fraction of a second. If he makes contact off the right foot he can move through it. See here on the short ball. All these players they keep this orientation to the 45 the entire time they are moving look at that. He is moving to the inside but once again stays out at the 45 degree angle. The other thing on this short ball you don't want to crowd it. You remember you have a 3 foot racket in your hand and your arm is about 3 feet so you want to make sure you have that leverage when you go into the shot so give yourself room. Look here again he is running he just starts his run look how his racket is lined up at the 45 the entire time. He is not doing anything with it, its that body that finally tucks in here at the last second and when he comes out of this turn you will see with his hips his racket just gets flung into the 45 degree angle. Look at that so he is comfortably far enough away from himself to get the proper leverage. Keep that in mind on these short balls. You don't want to crowd the ball and you don't want the ball to get to your side. You want to stay oriented at the 45, watch Isner the first thing he does on his split is see that he immediately lines up the 45 and then stretches out into the hit. Now he pulled his hips around a little. Little things like that are going to make the difference between he and Djokovic.

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Stay true to form when finishing the point.

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