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MC - Local Governance through Youth Municipalities

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A Green Baalbek In cooperation with the Local Governance Through Youth Municipalities initiative After evaluating the needs of civil society and examining the views of local residents and youth we arrived at an assessment of our community's needs. One of the most prominent needs was to improve the appearance of Ras al-Ayn. Specifically, improving the park at the visitors' center. So we began by finding out what this park lacks, and we put our plans together in two projects, one environmental and the other social... ...which should both have a positive impact on the entire area. It could increase the number of visitors, which would help develop the region's economic life. Our goals: Enchanting natural scenery Putting happiness into the hearts of children Serving the residents of Baalbek Attracting tourists to the area The first project: improving the park's appearance by rehabilitating the bathrooms and adding garbage cans. As you can see in this scene, garbage is just taking over the place...that's why more garbage cans are necessary to keep the park clean! The second project: improving the children's area of the park by adding seats so visitors can rest while their children play... well as adding sand to the area so the children can play safely and installing a basketball hoop to provide a new form of recreation in the park. While working on the web with GCC Lastly, we hope that you think well of us, and we will move together towards a better future, O green Baalbek! The End

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Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
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Posted by: sisyphusrocks on Apr 22, 2010

Lebanese GCC leaders carry out a good governance project.

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