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R.L.M, 1988 (#1068)

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Well, if I had a person I liked, and he told me he had the virus, well, if I knew all the rules, how HIV / AIDS is passed on, and if it is through saliva, then unfortunately maybe I would reject him. I wouldn't talk to him anymore, or hug him. I could hug him but I couldn't kiss him, because if it is passed on through saliva, then I couldn't. But if it's not transmitted through saliva, then I'd help him, to move forward, tell him to take his pills. Then he could keep living here in this world. And then more than anything, I'd assist him. And to have sex with him, well, unfortunately not. I couldn't because there are men who like to use condoms. They like to protect themselves with condoms, and that's better. But there are men who don't like that. They don't like putting them on. They simply don't want to. That's the problem. But if that person I like, if he loves me too, then I could help him, but not have sex with him because I would get infected too. And I'm healthy, I can't. I'd only assist him, tell him to take his pills, and help him to move forward with his life. Because there are also people that when they have the virus, how can I say this? I mean, they don't want to live anymore, or they take something to disappear from this world. They kill themselves. And that´s not OK, well... That's the way it is. From my side, help him. But if, as I say, if it's not transmitted through saliva, I could kiss him and hug him. That's all. We wouldn't have sex. That's the idea I have. Thank you.

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