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Your Best Pathway to Health, Los Angeles, CA, April 2016

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Los Angeles, California: The second-largest city in North America, and home to four million people, from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. The City of Angels is known for many things: a booming entertainment industry; a spectacular city center; rich cultural experiences; world-class cuisine; and nearly three hundred days of sunshine a year. And yet, this world-renowned, cosmopolitan center is very much like every city. In its shadows live those who struggle to provide for their families, those who struggle to stay well, those who struggle to survive. The need is well-known by many local governments, civic leaders, and charitable organizations, all working to address the challenge. Among them is the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a community of faith committed to spreading hope and wholeness to all people. Through a humanitarian service called Your Best Pathway to Health, four thousand four hundred members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, along with friends, family members, and colleagues, organized and hosted a free mega-clinic on an epic scale. Edwin Mendoza: "There's people needed in all facets. There's not a person who's more important than the other because of the title that they hold. What it is is people coming together and working and bringing the gifts that they already have, or gifts that they're discovering. If they're a student or a person who's seeking professional development, they can come here, learn, they can see how it works, they can work in a community, and they can develop their gifts. But it's not so much about, you know, the title or this, it's more about, like, how we can all work together. That's what makes Pathway so special." Over three hundred thousand square feet of space at the Los Angeles Convention Center was transformed into a mobile hospital, complete with triage areas, consultation rooms, massage chairs, a full pharmacy, vision-testing centers, surgical suites, a massive dental-treatment room, and more. Patient: "I had a great experience here today. I've never been able to see so many specialists at one time, or actually ever in my life; I've never seen so many specialists. It's like they dropped an Adventist Kaiser in the middle of LA. If anybody...I was skeptical. I really, I came to drop somebody off in the vision area, and then when I saw all of the other stuff, I was like, I have stuff that's been nagging on me for years. I want to get it taken care of, and wow! It was great. It was so--everything. Everyone was so nice, everyone was so sweet. When you go to a normal clinic and stuff, it's not like that. At least it's my experience, it's not like that. This has been a blessing. Even when I first came in, a doctor prayed with me. It's a whole way different experience than going to a regular clinic." "What motivates me to help is I want to do something bigger than myself. And I'm sure that's why we're all here today. We are inspired by doing things that are beyond us and making impact into the world and into the community today." Partners came together to make the mega-clinic a reality. Adventist Laymen's Services & Industries, together with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Adventist Health, through local hospitals, including White Memorial Medical Center, Glendale Adventist Medical Center, and Simi Valley Hospital, along with Loma Linda University Health, provided invaluable resources, while notable manufacturers, such as GE and Konica Minolta, among many others, donated the use of key medical equipment. In addition, the office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, along with several districts and their councilmen rallied to support the humanitarian event in a continued effort to serve the residents of Los Angeles. Once again, volunteers came from all parts of North America, and some from abroad: dentists, physicians, specialists, practitioners, chaplains, nurses, dental hygienists, beauticians, registration and hospitality workers, communication professionals, lifestyle coaches, and vision care specialists, among many others. They served until their feet were sore and their eyelids were heavy. And yet neither their smiles nor their gentle spirit ever wore off. Meanwhile, the residents of Los Angeles and some who came from as far as northern Idaho and Texas Lined up once again for services beyond their financial reach. Some spent the night in anticipation of doors that would open in the morning. Doors of healing, doors of hope. Thousands were served, thousands were loved, by thousands who responded to a calling: To love like Jesus and to serve like Jesus. By the end of the third day, 8,537 patients had received medical and dental attention they so desperately needed, together with friendship, encouragement, and most importantly, hope. That is mission. That is mission accomplished. That is mission accomplished together. WE NEED YOU

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Posted by: cromwellt on Jun 25, 2017

This is a video of an amazing project that happened in 2016 in Los Angeles, so far the largest of the five free mega-clinics by this organization.

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