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Quantum Physic Theory

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dr. quantum in 'something from nothing' a film by Nic Askew music by Stephane Wrembel starring Fred Alan Wolf Fred Alan Wolf PhD (aka Doctor Qwantum) is a qwantum physicist and is therefore very clever! Luckily he has an ability to make the complex both accessible and useful. As a physicist we began to wonder how the Universe got here in the first place and the current thinking is that a Big Bang get into existance or the multiple multiple bangs some of thendesappearing after while a gang Bang get into existance What ever happened to it, it came out of nothing. Now by nothing most people thinks a big empty space of nothing. Aha ! No even space was there, no time, no space, no matter, no energy, no thought, no conciousness, not of... out of this vibrant nothing there is time, space, mass, energy, conciousness mind emerged, came out! so there is this 'nothing' with no time, & no space out of which everything comes stay with us! Technologicaly speaking Qwantum Physics is , you know the coutch pijamas It's the major, major, major-major-major theorie of our Western World today! In terms of Science! What they told us is that if the Universe is a number of things how is it came into being and the answer seems to be it comes into being when an observer observes anything in it. So, it's open up the door, it's a fantastical kind of thinking new ways of invasion, and opens us a door to watch how is it that an observer by looking can change what he's been looked at! if you change the way you look at something does that something change in any way?

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Posted by: vel1 on Jul 14, 2010

Something from nothing from Dr.Fred Alan Wolf (Dr. Quantum Presents: A User's Guide to Your Universe)

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