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LH Forum - Oscar di Montigny 1080p low

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Do you know what is the most profitable art form that man has ever produced? Love. Love pays. I work in a bank. Good means useful It doesn’t mean personal gain anymore. From within the system, as a Trojan horse, we need to change the system itself. Positive economics is an economy founded on a rational selflessness and on involvement. It is founded on a rather personal path, which, however, must become or might aim at becoming a collective path. In my opinion, the beauty of it all is that it’s sprouting up in a lot of different realities, in companies, in the financial world, in territories. San Patrignano is definitely an example of positive economics since it’s based on a personal path. Yunus said that to change the world, you have to start from your neighbor. Gandhi said that you have to start from yourself: Be the change you wish to see in the world. That’s right, be the change you wish to see in the world. Gandhi. The truth is that everybody wants everything right away and wants it fast, so we’re missing the true values. I hope this moment of counter-trend is going to come. We’re talking about doing business with love, about positive economics… The truth is that the funds buy the companies. They don’t wait even three years. After a year and a half, they sell them, resell them, resell them again… All managers nowadays are stressed out, absorbed. Contracts… Make money, make business, make numbers. If we believe that only the Martin Luter Kings of tomorrow will determine the positive economics, we have no hope. Let’s wake up and, as Einstein used to say, we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. Those who have created the problem are not capable of proposing a solution.

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Posted by: gabriella61 on Aug 6, 2015

LH Forum - Oscar di Montigny 1080p low

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