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RH 2015 Promo Video

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Rosh Hashanah is a time when we can uproot the effects of our challenge from past years and plant seeds of positive change for the coming year. Students and community from all over the world come together - trought prayers song and community - in this window in time to bring Light for the coming year. Rosh Hashanah 2015 - O início do infinito There are people that join together for many reasons I believe we join together because ours souls will draw to each other even though we come from different places in the world here our souls signs in one voice at the stage where the barriers are removed everything that The Creator is we are. If you do the work on Rosh Hashanah properly, the not only will you be able to remove from yourself, your created negativity every person whom you hurt they will receive that Light in whatever darkness whatever negativity they experienced from you will be reversed and they will feel Light today. The whole event is so amazing from start to finish and then just mooves in waves up and down, and I was just like, when from this deeper up to this high consciousness of sharing Light and why we are really here. A lot of deepest emotions are just flying away and for me it's very very healing. This is a place and now is the time to create the difference in the world and in the people around us. Each person that is here affects their friends, their relatives, people they work with, the people they work for as a group and as a whole, we can affect positive change in the world today, tomorrow and in the next day. In Rosh Hashanah all the walls come down all the walls come down, we can see ours souls becomes alive and {...Hebrew...} as The Zohar calls it, I can see what's above me I can see who I am, I can see the strengh, the Light, there's something happenning, do you wanna be a part of it? Rosh Hashanah 2015 From Sunday Sep 13th to Tuesday Sep 15th San Diego, Califórnia

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Posted by: yosef.farnoosh on Jul 23, 2015

RH 2015 Promo Video

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