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Comedy Mhel Marrer ... in Brazil

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Mhel Marrer, comedian, is with the play "mood-heeled" in Sp Presents the Beverly Hills Bar Thank you, thank you. Good night. I've heard many people say that beautiful woman can not do comedy and I came here today to prove that ugly woman also can not. I'll introduce myself properly now, I came to tell my story. My name Mhel Marrer seems an exotic name but Mhel is very common ... I met five dogs puld with that name. However "Mhel Marrer be" artist name, my real name is Mherielen Marrer ... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh With that name I could only be the daughter of a European ... obvious Or daughter of cearence poor and fan of horror movie (Cearense person's state of Ceara in Brazil, is known to have big head) ... be my case! The Marrer I know that terror is because I write to Google and see "You mean die" .... I want it, yes yes. do not bother because I accept "Mhel" "Mary", rocking the car keys, preferably imported, I have no problem with that. Who gave me that name, be my father. My father was a very funny man, I always see my father smiling, joking, having fun with everyone ... I never saw him sober ... Okay I say he drank a lot, but it always give me all the good and best, never let anything go amiss for me and my twin sister because I never had a twin sister but… My father saw two daughters ... who am I to counter, is not it! Good for me I have money twice ... ! These things that happen to us in childhood, makes us take revenge on the men when they grow up, is not it?! I take revenge. Because when I was a teenager, a man tries to abuse me, is real ... And I made him pay in the cruelest possible I married him ... Yes, I married sixteen years, with a man who have twice my age, it could be my father ... my mother and looked into his eyes and said, "No, this is not your father can marry." Okay, I married very young, pregnant too young ...Hurt a lot ... Our ... My friends are asking, how is the pain of childbirth ... If it seems too much, the pain we feel in our first time??!! I found much the same, if your first time was with a turkey for Christmas ... First time, please ... The first time the guy says he will only put a little head ... you ask the doctor at the time the baby is born only to get little head????!!! Actually the father of my son was loving father, he told me that I gave the two greatest gifts of his life be our son and after divorce ... divorced ...He want to redo our wedding but I do not accept for a very serious reason ... I put on Facebook is not married, and I will not change my decision After my marriage ended, I discover how to be hard to find a boyfriend. I have a theory, that all men who meet me personally, he is transported to the island of LOST no one connects to my phone, has five seasons They say the woman should not have sex on a first date ... if no one mark the second meeting, I'll give when ???!!! Men, please!!!! I come here to give this message for men ...... if you out with someone, the next day phone or set a new date in the week ... because ... waxing lasts only fifteen days epilation made in the groin that no one saw, is torture in vain is how you burn the arm in the oven to bake a cake that no one ate What was once the Nazi method of torture, so far is called Hitler's mustache ... women suffer twice my brother, because women shave in front and behind ... This does not mean that I'll release behind ... Not because I do not want to receive guests, I'll leave without cleaning the sidewalk It was good to talk about it because I have to shave me, and I have to go now though, because yesterday to take my clothes I find the Belchior. (Belchior: Brazilian singer with a huge mustache) Thank you ... thank you So ends another program of Jô, good night!

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Duration: 4 minutes and 33 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: Brazil
Language: English
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Posted by: seni on Oct 20, 2009

Comediante marrer Mhel

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