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Chinese Trailer Updated

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Professionally, I manage billions of dollars for individuals and institutions all around the world. Personally, I am a mother of three wonderful children. I feel like I have a calling to share my blessings, and Lord knows, I've been extraordinarily blessed. And I have an obligation to share what I've learned with many people across the world if it's going to be beneficial to them because it has been helpful to me. I can be a single Mom, have a demanding job, travel, work on balance and still be very happy, because I love me and I want to share. Ahhh, I love this. The vision for the show is to educate, empower, and inspire. And throughout the process, have a good time. Ahhh... As I'm talking to you I'm getting chills (laugh). Isn't that great? Val is a very smart and positive person and she uses that positive energy to really affect change and make things happen. Her enthusiasm makes everything she touches great. ♪♫ "You Go Nomics" is the combination of You and Economics. It is the economics of you. Because in life, we all have highs and we have lows. So "You Go Nomics" is the study of how we respond to our highs and to our lows so we can have personal happiness, success, and joy. I have this mantra that says, delayed gratification is a good thing. If you're willing to wait you can get really good deals. It's really about loving yourself. The interesting aspect about keeping the kid in you alive, IT IS FREE! You want to budget, save, and invest as soon as you can. I'm trying to drive home the power of compounding interest. "Dream big dreams. Believe all things are possible." If I didn't do that, I wouldn't be here. The more you tap into what your heart really wants and really desires, and the more you let go of fear and doubt and criticisms that you've internalized, the further you can go.

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Posted by: valmo2010 on Jan 3, 2011

Chinese Trailer - Updated

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