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Audix Microboom Choir Microphones - Review

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Announcer Speaking] In this video, Greg Hearns, Technical Director of Church of All Nations in Tacoma, Washington discusses miking choirs and his experience with the new Audio Micro Series M1255B. Greg Hearns Speaking] Hi. I'm Greg Hearns with Church for All Nations and one of my duties as Tech Director is to run sound. We have anywhere from 40 voices on a good day, down to as few as 15, which is typically the more difficult time to mic a choir. I like a small microphones because it will, at times, just disappear. Typically, I have just not gotten a real good sound out of a small diaphragm microphone. A few years ago, I tried the Audix MB1250. Man, I was amazed, number one, on tonal quality, was really good. Where with a large diaphragm microphone, I was pulling out low-mids and I was pulling out of the microphones just to get the clarity. The 1255B, when I put that in, it was like :Wow, I can balance out my EQ!" It starts sounding really good and the gain out of that really blew away the large diaphragm microphones that I was using. They're not as small as some of the small mini-microphones, but they're a good small size. Once I put those in front of my choir they really disappear. We have a rule. The rule is: for every one unit of distance you have between the source and the microphones, you need three units of distance between microphones. We violate that rule all of the time with choirs. So as soon as we put three microphones up on three risers, those microphones are all competing for the same sound. So what I'll so is something called "gain sharing." I'll take the outside mics and maybe pull them back a little bit, where they're supplementing but they're not competing for the sound that the center mic is taking. Sometimes I'll take the center mic completely out and run just the two outside ones. Now I've separated my microphones enough they're not competing with each other at all and maybe I'll add the center one in just enough to fill the hole that's being left in the middle. Christmas, when they bring the primary school kids out and the 1st graders out and they're going to sing Christmas songs... They don't sing...but the parents want to hear their kids. They don't care about the music. They don't care about anything. They want to hear their kid... Just last Christmas I used their microphones and I just put a couple of them out in front of the kids. I put them down low, and they were picking up the kids really really well, and the kids, some were singing, some were singing really loud and some weren't singing at all. It didn't matter, as long as the ones that were singing could be heard. [Music playing....Announcer's Voice begins speaking] For more information on the Audix Micro Series, call or email CCI Solutions.” 1-800-562-6006, or [email protected]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Mar 26, 2013

In this video, Greg Hearns, Technical Director of Church of All Nations in Tacoma, Washington, discusses miking choirs and his experience with the new Audio Micro Series M1255B

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