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How to install BOINC and join the TZM team.

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This video will show you how to download and install BOINC on a Windows computer and how to join the Zeitgeist Movement Team. From the BOINC's wiki page, click on this link. Then from the BOINC's download page, click on the 'Download BOINC' link. Choose to save the file and wait for to download. When the download is completed, open the file by double clicking it or right clicking it and choosing 'Open' from the download's box. Click "Ok" to run the installer and launch the install with it. We can quickly go through choosing the default settings. Accept the license's agreement and the default install location and then click install. When it's finished the installing click on 'Finish' and we then need to restart the computer. When we come back we'll look at how to join the Zeitgeist Movement Team. BOINC starts automatically whenever you turn on your computer. But you don't have any projects at first time so you need to attach to a project and create an account. The project to choose is '[email protected]'. As a new user you need to enter your e-mail address and a password to use with your account. e uma senha para usar sua conta. Just create your account within [email protected] Project. Click 'Finish' to go back to the BOINC Manager and it'll firstly launch a web page to create your nickname and complete your account set up. Enter your nickname and click 'ok'. Now, to join the Zeitgeist Movement Team you actually gonna go back to the BOINC's wiki page and use this link here. That takes us to the team's page for the Zeitgeist Movement within the [email protected] Project. And if you scroll down on this page you can find the 'Join this team' link. And we click that and we join the team. Now that you are in the Zeitgeist Movement Team all the processes in your computer thus will be credited to the team. I've put some links in the description so you can check on the rankings. Back in the BOINC Manager if you click on the Advanced View you can see more detailed information about your processing. This is the current task. You can check its progress including how long the task is been running and how long is got left to go. When is complete, BOINC will submit it and you will be rewarded with the credits that go towards team's total. In the 'Statistics Tab', you will be able to see historical graphs of yours credits from processing tasks, plotted its very averages and totals. When you close the BOINC Manager it keeps running on the background. You can access the Manager and other options by right clicking on the icon. You can run BOINC on more then one computer just install it the same way on the second computer, accept on your existent account details when attaching the [email protected] Project. Thanks for watching and for contributing to the Zeitgeist Movement Project.

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Posted by: michaelycus on Apr 3, 2011

This video shows how to install the BOINC software and join The Zeitgeist Movement team within the [email protected] project.

Wiki page with details of the project (what, why, and how explained):

Team page on the [email protected] project (join the team here):

Team rankings page:

Detailed statistics from

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