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The Altoids Curiously Strong Awards

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[chorus] This is a tribute to the stars on Facebook [chorus] post on, my friends, p-p-ost on, my friends The Like-A-Lot...likes everything you do I like that new eraser, I like those new shoes, I like the pic you took of that leaf! She says she's a Vegan, but she still likes beef! The Lyric Lover...posting lyrics everyday. He's not a rockstar, but he likes what they say! Ooh, looks like his ex wasn't nice, 'cause he just wrote, "She's as cold as ice!" Princess Snapshot...she's a model that works for free. More photos than friends 'cause she's all about... Me! The Food-O-Grapher... Oh, you know this guy, he's got 42 pics of burgers and french fries! [chorus] This is a tribute to the stars on Facebook. [chorus] Star, st-, st-, st-, stars on Facebook! [chorus] Post on, my friends, post po- po- post on my friends! Well, lemme tell you about...the Over-Sharer...treating that rash with aloe vera. [low voice] Did he get it from hiking in the High Sierras? [high voice] Or from a girl named Sarah? Yo! We don't care-a! The travel don't come cheap, that trust fund must run pretty deep! [music stops] Hey, have the seats in first class gotten smaller? [music resumes] The Past Blaster...posts pictures of you with terrible hair and that acid-washed thing you used to wear. Friend Tycoon...he tries to friend everyone he sees Good thing for us there's no cyber STDs! [chorus] I give a thumbs-up to my friends on Facebook. [chorus] Frie- frie- friends, frie-, friends on Facebook [chorus] We're giving you sh[beep] congratulations, you earned it! [blown whistle] [chorus] This is a tribute to the stars on Facebook. This is a tribute to the stars on Facebook, baby! Yeah! [chorus] Post on, my friends, post on! You know, we all have friends like this who are... ...unique individuals. Facebook wouldn't be Facebook without their faces. As for me? Time to log off. But I'll be back in 2 minutes! [chorus] Post on, my friends, post on...!

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Duration: 2 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Altoids
Views: 151
Posted by: kmh_80027 on Mar 31, 2011

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