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Seunghwan Seo - Seoul, Korea - Korean (Global Lives Project, 2013) 21:30:00 - 21:59:59

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What was that? Yes sir, regarding the call I got.. Regarding the call I got...exchanging light bulbs..I mean... What's the house number? Ah... Okay, I'll contact them. Hahahahaha I see. Ah, what's the house number? Ah, just go in? go? Yes. Ah, is it? Basement? What's in there? Ah... live cafe? (Karaoke bar) Aha, there's a cafe. Got it. Uh-huh huh -Did you get the call? -Huh? -got the call? - Yeah. Hi Once you're done, I need to get the signature. That will be taken care of by another girl. All we need is the signature. Is this the one? Is this for here? First, put this white one here. Ah, don't do that to me. -That's concrete... - Yes. This one goes up there. -Where...where? - Goes to the ceiling. We need to fix this piece first, then mount the others. -Then hang it. - Ah, I got that part but...- I need to hold it for you. - Someone needs to hold it. - That's right. Once it's fixed, mount the other parts. Isn't it this one? This? It is but I think we need to take this out first and put it over. -Take this out first - Hang this one later, like this. -Yes - So we need to fix this piece first. -No no, I don't think so. Take this one out. -Which one - This one. -This looks easy to put back - Doesn't matter - This is easier Doing that way seems harder. No, just fix this part first and hang the rest is easier - Ah, OK. -Why do you chose the harder way - Ah, because it's heavy. That's what I meant... - Yes. It's light. -Screw this first - Huh, the ceiling? -On the ceiling, ceiling - OK. - I didn't check...- looks like concrete. Then there's nothing special. -You can lock this - Yes, it is. So we need two people for this. This is not the correct head? I think we need smaller one. Doesn't seem to fit. We need the smaller one to fit in. There you go. This will work. Right, that looks fine. You need the tool to take this out. No, it's not this one. Done. -The line is twisted - No, it's not clicked. Take this out and line is tangled. There you go. And then insert the line. Is it tight enough? Next... This table is wobbly. -Then... - Do we have the outlet? Octopus extension...Nope. -What should I do? - Can you go and ask for it? We need to climb up this table chair... we need a chair. Sun comes out. Are we allowed to take that out that? -The line will be long enough. - Wow. - Enough? Wait a min. I need to make sure to not to stuck here. Something holding up there. This looks fine but... Now the question is where should we screw. -This chandelier... -Need to position the chandelier - Yes it is. -Plugged in? - Yeah. Where should we hang this? Why it's not working? Hello. Doesn't work? Got it. -Hold on a sec. - Yes. Hold this one, put that down. Got it? Yes, but huh huh. Move little forward. That's it. Let's go little up. Do you like the chandelier here? We need longer line, this is not long enough. -Do you like it here? - Yes yes. Needs to come down as low as this. -The wire? - Yes. Is there the wire? Wait a sec, there's is something. Ah but that's disconnected. How about we just fix this on the ceiling, and call the electrician for the wire. This needs the electrician. But the wire needs to be out. -The wire? - Yes. I mean, The wire needs to go first before the chandelier. But there no wire. We need the wire... I think, once we hang it then you can take this out later. Ah, the wire goes in here, so needs to be done at the same time. Then how about connecting the wires... Plug it in - But there's no wire. Ah this one? Get the light off? Get off this and hang the chandelier there? - Yes. Yes. that's right. Do we have enough room? How about others? There's no more wire. We will replace this with the chandelier. There's no other wires. -Are there more to work on? - There are more. -But there's no wire - No wire. Then this is the only one we can work. -Then switch off this one - Yes. -This... - Then we shut the light Can we switch off only this one? Let me try... wait a sec. -Can we do this alone? - Yes, there should be a switch. - Is it? - Trying one by one. -Should I shut off circuit breaker? - Yes, you need to Try one by one... -There you go - Don't need to shut off? I think we need... - Is this off? - Yes. Alright Disassemble the lamp -And hang the anchor -No... I don't think so... -So we will use this. -Yes -Wait a moment - Need to take out the wire. Take that out first. To do that...ah wait wait wait I got it but -Take out - How about the wire? Disassemble the bottom one, can you? -Don't you think so? - Yes. Woah it's hot... the bulb. -The bulb? - It's hot. Do you have any wet towel? -I'll take the bulb out - Go ahead. Got it? Don't need the towel. Got it, got it. It's warm. Ah... We need to take down that lamp first. This is... -We need to take this out... - Let me see. See, this is what I did. I've loosed the connection. The wire is connected to this shade. This is We can not take this shade out. Because it's connected. -We need to take the shade... - Exactly. But we can not take this shade out. The wire needs to be separated when we... take this... Then there goes the wire. - Yes. Then ...what's this inside the shade... Open up the wire -then do soldering... - How do we take this out? I don't know either but it means that we need to do soldering -No, we can just wire this up - Ah, make sense. But the problem is we can not take this out. -How about push this... - No, I don't think so -Push... - Do you see the bolt there? -Bolt... - Here, inside We need to remove this bolt. How can I do that? Can you bring 'long nose'? -What the... - Check we have long nose -Long - Nose - Nose -It's kind of a pliers. -We need to take this off - Aha... Wait a sec -Got it? - Yes, I got it. - To remove this... - We need something like the pliers... - Yes. Don't think wrench will go in... What's this? What the hack is this? -Nope... - No pliers? - No. -How about wrench? - No We don't have any that kind of tools. -Give me that box - What? -Let me see that. We don't have. Nope. How come... -Don't we... - We don't have them. I know what you are looking for. I know... But we don't have... How about this... How about we cut the wire then connect again? -Ah...that will work... - Let's cut it. -It should be fine - Cut the wire and take this out. -Do you have a lighter? - Yes, I do. Give me that. Why? Did you cut it? Oh my... Oh my... Do you need the lighter now? Don't we need the knife? -Scissors will do - Ah is it? I'm too tall.. for this.. We don't have to do this... It's sticky... Whoooooo What the... Scratched too much? I think it's fine. should have taken technical classes... we need to peel these wires. -Let me try. -No, I don't think so. Peel what? No no no. Don't we need to peel these plastics? -We need to peel these out - It is, But... Spread these out No...I think we can do that later? -We need to peel - Do we have gloves? I need gloves because my hands are sweaty. -Done? - Ouch Ah you can just take this off by hand. Ouch. Sir, do you have any gloves? No? nothing? How about plastic one? Hold here. Well... I can hang here for now. Thank you. I had to prepared for this. Then the Chandelier goes to this way. -It will be hanged here - Here, here should be. Here as you see. Just hang chandelier here. -Let's do that. - Yes. -We don't have to fix this then. - Just get the wire... -That's what I'm saying - We can just use this? - Yes, just connect to the wire. Wow...but doesn't look that easy. This wire...looks at this.. Hey, come down and check this out. -Yes - Look at these wires. These are grouped together. We need to connect positive and negative separately. -This is the tip - What do you mean? See We...we need to insert the wire there. -Insert the wire - Yes - And it goes through here. Go through what? -Here, insert the wire - Yes - Comes out this way Here on the bottom - Yes -Then - Yes - Need to connect to the light bulb These are the wires to bulbs. Wait...Bulbs...Hmmmm... -Connected to ... - these wires... You need to connect these to the wire up there. Yes, but this is the wires to bulbs? - That's what I said. Here's the wire to be connected. - Yes. That's why we need to know how to connect these, too. How about the plug, where's the plug? There should be... something on the bottom. No.... -I mean - Take this cap first... Which one? - These two caps... I don't think that's correct. Wait...can I take a look? Let me see. Yes...we need to remove this cap and connect to the wire. This is positive group and this one is all negative. But we don't know how to do this. -This is... - See? - I got it. These are all Plus and these are all Minus. -Yes - If we take this out -Then have to connect these groups. - Yes. I have different opinion. Here you see these caps. We can not remove these. That's why I said we can not do this. There should be other ways. Come and see here. I think we are missing something. We need to find that missing part. Could you come here? This wire...if we take this down. You see this wire. See...these are all the wires grouped plus and minus. We think there's something to connect these to wire. We believe there's something to cover here... Were there anything like that? Here...when we take this wire out -The wire connected to bulbs... - Just connect them. We know that too. -And - These are the groups. - Yes -There should be something to connect with these groups. See, we can not take this out. Ah Wait wait wait. -Are you going to connect this ? - No no no. -Isn't it here? - Yes it is. -The one outside? - Yes - This is the one. -This is the correct one. - Isn't it too short? Why is that? -This doesn't seem... - How about just take this out and tape it? That's risky... This is the one to connect. Even though... How can you connect this tightly? We need two wires to go around like this -Isn't it heavy - No, that's fine - Give it to me. The wire is too short. There's a similar one, let me check that. That's correct but the ours has short wire... Ah...I guess -It's cut too close to the chandelier - It is. -So - Originally the wire is long enough. -If we do this... -That's looks right. - Yes -Do you want to see? - Wait a sec. Wait wait wait The wire was long...enough to connect. Shouldn't have cut too close. But they are. -How's that one? - That has long wire. We can use this. -Yes , we can hang this - Yes, that's OK. Does it have long wire? both wires? Have a look here, looks good? That will do. This long... Well...too short. We can remove this. Do you have electrical tape? Let's just peel this off first This one looks good. This will work -How about the another one? This guy... like this -It's little short - But still looks fine. It's just right...let's hang that one. -And this cap..- It's ok to break it - Is it? _ Yes. -Well cap...let's see - We need to tape them. Yes that should work...should we break these caps? Yes. It's just a group. -I'm not sure... - Hey, do we have electrical tape? If we don't, then need to go out and get it. -Yes - That's not important. Let's check the tape first, before we break the caps. Shops are still opened? Convenience stores should be. -Convenience stores... - They don't have electrical tapes. Ah we have the tape. We have it. OK then let do it. -Scissors? - How about we hang the former one. As long as we break the cap, then let's hang the one we had. -That's better? - Yes, that looks more modern. Looks same to me. -That's a little bit... - Better? -Yes. We need to break the caps....well This will not work as it is. -I think we need the.. -I can remove it. -Really? - I thought it's removed when it clicked. Shit No, I can not remove. Use the scissors. Where? Did you put it up there? Ha.. -Take this - Isn't it the scissors? -Yes, there you go. -What's wrong with you. I thought I put the scissors up there. -How can I cut this, like this? - Yes, I think so. -Scissors? - Hold this. - Yes. Can not grab this tightly. Be careful, don't cut the wires. Yes, Heave-ho. -Aweeee -Don't move - Why are you groaning If I can do this here then I think we will get this done. Got it...there you go... We broke the one... Ah... I wanted to save this. Can we cut these all? We will regroup them later. -Up to here - That makes sense. -That's correct - This is getting bigger and bigger. Right? just cut in half. Here inside...a capsule. -Wait a sec, the scissors are ... This ain't a tool... We have this stupid scissors. Let me see what we have. -Knife? - I think that's better. Saw? You need to be careful withe that knife, OK? Be careful to not to cut your hand. Take this and open it. Wider. Little wider towards out. Like this? - Yes. Be careful. -Yes. Wait. Should go to this way. No, Wait. These are Wait, don't do that... Let's take a moment to think. Wait a second, Looks like all connected to this cap. All the wires go to the cap. So all of them come to here, we don't have to do this. -Yes - All these wires are connected to this cap. And they grouped together. - I know. So we can just cut them. - Yes. -You want to cut these? - Need to be very closely. Like this - Yes. Ok...but on top of that... Well, we decided to do that. Done, I mean... then we need to peel them one bye one.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Producer: Sam Queen
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Posted by: globallives on Nov 5, 2013

Seunghwan arrives at a Noraebang (karaoke bar) and works with a co-worker to install a small chandelier light fixture.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Seunghwan Seo.

This video was produced by Sam Queen, Rachel Gist, Jee Young Lee, Michael Stulberg, Marisol Park, Nayoung Jung, Joel Elliott, and Cole Quinlan.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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