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Curing Diabetes | Guérir le diabète | Dr. Julian Whitaker

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You’re watching leading medical news information. I am Randy Alvarez Today’s topic, New treatment options for people that are suffering with diabetes. With us we have doctor Julian Whitaker. Doctor Whitaker, welcome on the program. Nice to be here Randy! Now I wanted to have you on the show for about nine years. I tell people that. We are very excited to have you on the show. Well known all over the world. And before getting into diabetes, Your book, by the way, Reversing Diabetes. It is reversible? Exactly! In your opinion naturally! Yes! Without drugs! Tell us about your center Whitaker Wellness Institute. It’s a big place. At the Whitaker Wellness we have a diet regimen there that everybody undergoes. Patients come and stay for one two or three weeks. We have seen fifty thousand patients. Probably about half of them, about Twenty five thousand patients had diabetes. Now our show we have heart diseases, Diabetic patients, we have hypertensive patients. And then we’ve got a diet regimen. And then we’ve got the therapies that we have. The ECP, acupuncture, a chelation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, We have a special wound treatment for patients with diabetic looms. So, we're very comprehensive in these natural therapies. They were talking about type two diabetes. Correct! Specifically! Yes! That’s reversible you said? Absolutely! That's a lifestyle problem. It has to do with obesity. It has to do with the lack of exercise. The heavier you get, the more diabetes you are going to have. It's not an insulin problem. In fact, as you get heavier and heavier, you produce more and more insulin. The problem is the insulin does not work. And in order to get the insulin sensitive again, insulin working again, you have to do the diet, you have to exercise, you have to get engaged in weight loss, you have to get some specific targeted nutritional supplements. All of these put together can cause a reversal of that very common form of diabetes. Before the common treatment options. Ok! Somebody diagnosed with diabetes type two Diabetes. By the way, what defines a diabetic? where the current treatment options, with the current medications, you say that you can get them off most of the medication? Oh yes! The current treatment options for this kind of diabetes, or all diabetes, are primarily the oral drugs. Like: Glucophage, ???, Avandia, ... They work, don't they? No, they don't! They do not work. They don’t work. They actually make the problem worse. You see, when you're treating a diabetic patient, you're not so worried about it sugar level. You’re worried about complications. Because types two diabetic, unlike the type one, the type two diabetic is not going to die because it’s sugar level goes too high. He's going to die, and have a heart attack. Because this form of diabetes brings on complications. So you want to reduce the complication level. So what are those drugs designed to do, by the way? They lower the blood sugar. But you know what else they do Randy? They increase the complication rate. Like heart attack, health death. So, what kind of diabetic patients you see by the way? These are people that are about to lose limbs. We had a patient from ??? a school teacher. And he was in the hospital. He’s obese but he had a diabetes and an ulcer on his leg. And he was receiving intravenous antibiotics for the ulcer on his leg. Which by the way Randy just don't work, they don’t work! And it didn't work in him. And so, they had scheduled him for amputation. Diabetes is the number-one cause of amputation in the country. He got my book Reversing Diabetes. And called me up around eleven o'clock, the day of his first amputation, wonder if I could help him. I said well, if we can help you, you better come on down now! Welcome back to Randy Alvarez in just a second. Here we talk with Dr. Julian Whitaker. Here at the Whitaker Wellness Centre. It’s nice to be here. Tell us about this room. This is the I.V. (Intravenous) room. This is where we give treatments, with vitamins and minerals, and even chelation. To instill health and to prevent and treat these complications of diabetes. You see, Brian, the problem with diabetes is the complications. And this is for it. This is one of the most important rooms, For treating those complications. And it's important that people get treatment right away. These complications won't stop. If you don't get treatment for the complications, they will eat you alive. This is why we encourage people to come here as soon as you have diabetes, so that we can address those complications. So I have a call for action now. Call the number here at the bottom of your screen. We'll tell you a little bit more about this. Now, back to the interview that you did so well with Randy Alvarez. Scheduled for the amputation. And so he checks out of the hospital. Comes down, I see him. How did he hear about you by the way? He got the book Reversing Diabetes. Ok, your book. Yeah, somebody had given him the book. And he's reading about how we treat that. And we have a therapy for ulcers on diabetic legs, by using sugar. It’s ironic, but very powerful. Been around for thousands of years actually. It is to put sugar, on ??? wounds. Like an open wounds. Not on closed wounds but on open wounds. Cause the sugar cause an osmotic environment that kills all the bacteria. And actually draws fluid out the wound and stimulates healing. We used that. We used chelation. Heals up in about three weeks. Did not have the amputation. Went on to continue teaching school. And coaching softball, which is what he loved. And have a wonderful life after that. Can you document these cases? Submit these to ...? Ha! Ha! Ha! I would totally. But the insurance company, would not pay for the chelation and the medical therapy we gave him. Why submit small coins? How small the bill was. It’s an incredible story. And step your foot on the leg is proof that it worked. And you know ... But of course he did not want Patients don't want to get involved in those kind of hassles. You can’t be too far gone to be qualified for your program? Oh no! I had a very heavy black preacher. Very prominent Los Angeles preacher. He weights up by three hundred sixty pounds, when I saw him in the early 90s Again, diabetes also on his leg. It is now been close to twenty years. He's lost about a hundred pounds. We healed up is ulcer. In the meantime his brother blew up with obesity and diabetes, amputation, and is now dead. And he still chugging right along, doing is thing … Are you allowed to say that you cure diabetes? Technically the type two diabetes is not a disease, it's a condition. Something that can be fixed? Yes! For anybody who is watching this... It’s a condition. Let me define what a condition is. If you're pregnant, you’re pregnant. You’re not almost pregnant. You're not on a little bit pregnant. Your pregnant. Right? Right! When you have type two diabetes, you have a condition. And that condition is you have fluctuating sugars that are going up. You know the biggest mistake that conventional doctors make with type two diabetes? They put them on insulin. When they put on insulin, they gain weight. Here’s one of my patients. He was startled on insulin in the early 70s. Because the pills did not bring the sugar level down to quote normal. He started years of insulin. Insulin = gains weight. When you gain weight, blood glucose goes up. Doctor puts on insulin. He went up ten pounds and ten units of insulin for ten years. He gained one hundred pounds on insulin. And when I saw him he was taking a hundred units of insulin. So he sit in front of me, like you are, And I said, Jim, we're stopping your insulin today. He almost freaks! We'll go back to Randy in just a second, We are with again Doctor Julian Whitaker. Let's talk about IVs and how important it is. Okay! IVs give us the ability to get more doses of Vitamin C, B12, into the system, in a way that you cannot do it orally. When you're treating people. And you are trying to help them overcome the side-effects, you need the big guns of giving nutrition intravenously. That's what we do here. And the ambassadors too, let’s mention that. The patients call our clinic. We'll give them names of people who have the same kind of condition. And they can tell them what their experience has been. And it's really encouraging. What our ambassadors have gone through by coming here to work for their wellness. And you can talk to one of the ambassadors really easy. Just call the number here at the bottom of your screen. And you'll learn a little bit more about this. Now back to the interview with Randy Alvarez.

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The Wellness Hour with show host Randy Alvarez.
Dr. Julian Whitaker explains how to literally cure diabetes. He is an expert on diabetes. This interview is brought to you by leader in medical news.

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