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Nozizwe Medlala-Routledge: Reevaluating our Relationships

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global oneness project Reevaluating our Relationships I think it is important to evaluate and reevaluate our relationship to one another, our relationship to what is called the market... Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge - Cape Town, South Africa - Former South African Deputy Minister of Health ...and continue to understand what we consider to be the most positive values that we had in the past. that we want to bring into the present, but also what we need to adjust in those values in the situations where they need adjusting. I think, as I said before, it is important to have continuing dialogue either across nations or across religions. I think without this dialogue, without reflection and reevaluation of the way things are and what it is you want to achieve, it is quite possible for each one of us to retreat into our own shell and only consider our own immediate needs and be selfish about it. But we also know what the negative impact will be when we only want to consider our own personal needs and our own local needs and not want to consider the needs of humanity as a whole. I think that religion has a very important role to play here because if you consider the fact that in any given country there would be quite a large number of people who call themselves religious. Religion is not used to cause conflict, to cause wars, but rather it is used in its core essence of bringing those values that are emphasized by every religion together and for us to share those values and to know that each of our religions has a common set of values that we each share.

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Posted by: global on May 7, 2008

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