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Furry Vengeance

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(narrator) Welcome to Rocky Springs. Future home to the greenest community ever built. Do you know why they call me the king of green? Because I love this planet. So you are going to [puff] take out the whole forest? Yeah! But, we're replacing it with a shopping mall with a forest theme. [scream] Aaaaah! This is an opportunity to do something good for our family, and the for the environment. How is ripping out the forest good for the environment? (narrator) The only thing standing in the way... are the locals. [squeaking noises] [deep breath] - Miley Cyrus! Aaaaah! [squeaky laugh] Hey - go away. (tv) Okay, private, on my count. [racoon chatter] The animals are out to get me. And what animal are we talking about? (man) More than one of them. I think they're in cahoots. [raccoon chatters] [bird sqawks] This is insane! Shut up! [cry out and thud] [cooing, sounds like mamma] Aaaah! [pounding] Are you alright? Summit Entertainment and Participan Media present... We are going to pour $100 million dollars into the local economy. [cheers] Dan, we've got to do something. Dad, you're building on a nature preserve, and nature's ticked off. [sqawking] Are you telling me that the animals are trying to get me to stop developing Rocky Springs? [squeaky laughter] I think the animals are out for revenge. [music: "One Way or Another" - Blondie] [cooing noise] ♪ I'm gonna gitcha gitcha gitcha, one way... ♪ [roar] [crowd screaming] You have a family. All this time, you were protecting them. Come on, little fella. [roar] ♪One way, or another, I'm gonna find you ♪ ♪I'm gonna gitcha gitcha gitcha one way ♪ Honey - are you in there? [moan] (with spanish accent) Don't worry, we'll have you down in no time. Ow! [liquid sloshing] You might want to cover your eyes. [simultaneous groans] [chattering] ♪One way, or another, I'm gonna gitcha♪ [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Jan 28, 2010

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