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Moko Le Bout du Monde

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The Edge of the Earth every day, at dawn, Moko visits the seaside he watches the sun rise, as if it was softly opening its eyes at the edge of the horizon he sat next to his friend, the old man that wakes up to accompany him "wait, what is there at the other edge of the sea?" what is on the other side of the earth?" said Moko "I must go and see, I must take a journey." "Yes, you will go out and see that which you like." responded the elderly man. "I know not where you will go, but, I hope that you will return one day." "I ill return, it's a promise." Said Moko then he embarked from the shore and into his adventure a large cloud covered the sky as if night had fallen the wind picked up, the waves shook the canoe and Moko was struck with fear I must be courageous, I must see the edge of the Earth! in the emerging storm formed an immense column of water that reeled him in "listen, monster of the sea! you must let me escape so that I can see the edge of the Earth! allow me to pass in good time! and I will speak of how you are my friend!" the tornado turned, turned, turned Moko around! his canoe sailed into the air, and in it, Moko was terrified that what he said meant nothing then, as if carried by a flying carpet, Moko eluded the waves and the storm, which are far away now the canoe floated in place, like a child's cradle Moko woke up "Thank you, thank you monster of the sea! Thanks to you, I can see the edge of the Earth! I will be your friend!" he cried, his heart full of joy everywhere around him the sea was reflecting colors with a horizon full of hope of finally knowing that which he set out to do what is a tornado? on the Edge of the sea, it is very, very hot on the shore. a strong wind can make the wind swirl, while the sky turns to black it all picks up, the sand, the seashells the sea is very troubled, and the waves enormous. then storm clouds accumulate above the sea it can form a marine water spout, as black as the night this is a tornado of the sea inside of the mature tornado, everything turns in time it is because the air and the water of the waves make it turn like a whirligig going very, very quickly the wind is blown very hard at the end but luckily never endures onto the shore and then, just as all of the others went, the tornado lets up, and all calm returns on the shore.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 43 seconds
Country: United States
Language: French (France)
Genre: Animated
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Posted by: pamela1108 on Oct 12, 2010

Moko, L'Enfant du Monde Video

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