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Hello! I'm Yoshika, a resident of Japan. Samuel told me that he is collecting prayer requests for Japan That there are many churches in India which have a burden to pray for Japan Because Japan is a country where very few souls are saved, I am very thankful that there are churches in India who are really burdened to pray for us! I have accepted Samuel's request to share my prayer requests for Japan Right now, the thing that Japan needs the most is - I sense that youth, especially, are very tired Many youth are very busy, maybe due to work, studies and other circumstances And they are not able to spend time with God properly and their faith become weaker and they feel tired. I believe that there are many such youth like that. Because these were rescued souls, I feel that it will be nice if these really young souls can be reconciled back to God. At the same time, there are many souls who have been separated from God I really wish that each of these separated souls may come back and take rest in the church. If we think about what God is doing right now in Japan, there are many churches who have a burden to pray Especially, in the town where I live called Asahikawa, there was not a very good relationship between the churches There is an event called Lifeline which is going to start from Sunday For this reason, many churches came together and prayed and churches became more powerful once again I'm not sure what God is planning to do, but at least I feel that He is uniting all of us. Honestly, assembling together, worshipping, praying and listening to God's Word I feel that all of this is leading us to a much stronger brotherly bonding. The thing that Japan needs the most right now is, every person may really know God in the real sense there are many youth, even though they have been saved by God they end up being separated from Him. This is a very sorrowful thing. So, please pray for this matter. Even after becoming a Christian, people might not be confident they might not have hope for the future, not able to find hope in God it is a reality that many people are tired in this way. There are many people who are not able to move even one step forward so, I wish that they may really experience God as they are living alone in the deep deep pits, I really wish that they may really experience God, be changed, be transformed by Him and break-free from all their bondages. I really wish that each of these individuals maybe added one by one to the church so that we may become God's family. God's family is really lively and really warm I believe that, just by going to such a church, one can be healed. I really wish to spend more time meditating, worshipping, praying and spreading Gospel in various places. Actually, in my church, there are many people who don't want to go to church and many wish that church should die Yet, there are people, who came to church and started changing their lifestyles So, I really wish for that day when churches become places of transformation. I believe that God will definitely listen and answer our prayers I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for the people who have a burden to pray for Japan all the way from India! I also thank God from the bottom of my heart for giving Samuel this burden to initiate this movement. I also wish to pray for Samuel and for India Maybe, one day we'll meet. Till then, God bless you!

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