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Printing for the first time There are two ways to print with the Hephestos 2: with or without auto-levelling. Auto-levelling is enabled/disabled via the settings menu. With auto-levelling enabled, there's no need to level the bed. Simply press "Print from SD card" and that's it. But if auto-levelling is disabled, we need to level do this manually for greater precision. Now let's see how the process is done Go to the "Level bed" option, then confirm the process. Next, we wait while the end of extruder heats up. The printer will move towards the first point we need to adjust Here are the steps to follow: Lower the bed until the sensor light goes off. Then raise it slowly until it lights up again. Now repeat the process for the other two points. Lower the bed until the red light goes off. Then raise it carefully until it comes back on. Finally, repeat the steps for the third point. Now we're done levelling the bed, we need to load the filament. As you can see, I'm using a reel of PLA. Let's go back to the menu Go to the "Insert filament" option and confirm the process. Select the temperature based on the type of material to be melted, and wait until the extruder end heats up. Now insert the end of the filament. Then press the wheel to load it. All going well with the extruder, it will then start to expel material. Now we will spray lacquer onto the print bed. We recommend removing the base first. We can now insert the SD card into the Hephestos 2. Make sure you insert the SD card this way. Press "Print from SD", then select the "gcode" file. Printing will begin once we confirm. As a recommendation, you shouldn't change any parameters when printing is in progress. However, the user also has options to pause the print job, to stop printing, change filament, change speed or temperature.

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