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The unwarranted consumption of alcohol A plague that undermines the Cameroonian society including the inhabitants of Mva`a II I think the bar started 4 years ago It disturbs the classes There is a noise pollution the whole day And even in the evenings So that the dormitorians cannot concentrate on their studies Aside from the noise pollution There is this attraction After classes to go take one bottle Two bottles, three bottles in the bar I think they will get used to it Alcohol starts its negatives effects in a man When man begins to drink excessively When you drink alcohol It destroys you, it gives you diseases For example, you may suffer from quivering, shakes When somebody drinks a lot, he has the shakes When he is drunk, he no longer recognizes where he is He drinks somewhere and sleeps there He can sleep at night in a strange place, that he doesn't know As for the consequences of alcohol Firstly, on the health It affects the health negatively It destroys kidneys, liver and also, euh hhhh I do not know what else The kidneys, the liver, even the way you think A man who gives himself to alcohol Cannot succeed in his undertakings The advice I can give to alcohol consumers It is not to drink excessively They should drink a glass, two glasses or a bottle or two of beer per day is enough In the first place, youth Should seek the company of good friends Who can give good advices Friends that have good values Or they should form groups Study group Or sport group And should not euhhhhhhhhh Always yield to the temptation to drink Always yield to the temptation to drink The actions that can be taken Is to prevent the barman From playing musics during class hours Furthermore, he should not play louder Because they are used to Playing louder To draw students attention They should play Only in the night.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 14 seconds
Country: Cameroon
Language: French (France)
Producer: Plan YETAM Cameroon
Director: Cameroon Youth
Views: 94
Posted by: lraftree on Aug 24, 2009

This film talks about bars (beverage rooms) nuisance. The headmaster of Collège Sainte Thérèse of Mva’a exposes the fact that the proximity of these bars with schools is prejudicial to students. Other interviewees talk about the adverse effects in the human and what actions should be taken to regulate the activities of bars in the community

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