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Why to Use Virtual Computer

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) has been asking people like you how we can use the web to make personal computing more fun, more secure, and more flexible. Meet Emma. Emma has a PC she uses at work, a Mac she uses at home and she recently bought a small netbook which she uses at coffee shops. She also has a mobile phone, which includes a small browser. She really likes the convinience of using these different devices at different times. She's able to get her emails on other devices using Gmail, and has some of her photos accessible on Flickr. But... she's really confused about where to store the rest of her files, and spends too much time emailing files to herself. Emma also finds it very annoying to worry about backup, antivirus, and installing software updates. Meet Ethan. Ethan is a student. He often uses shared computers in his college, and uses internet cafes when he travels. He finds Yahoo Mail convenient, and uploads some photos to Facebook. But... he misses having a desktop of his own. Everytime Ethan uses a new computer it takes him a few minutes to sing in to all the websites he uses. and even then, it doesn't quite feel like it's his own computer. Ethan keeps files in a USB drive. But last month he lost a USB flash drive with some treasured documents and photos. So, both Emma and Ethan use different devices at different times. Webmail and web photo services have given them a partial solution to access stuff from different devices. But they still have many of their files offline, and spend too much time on administration tasks. There is a risk that they could loose files, and they're also wary that their files could fall into the wrong hands through a virus, or physical theft of the computer. Emma and Ethan told they'd be much happier If they could access all their stuff on just one single web page from any internet browser in the world. That's why we developed the virtual computer. We store your preciouss files in a secure, professional data center at with 24/7 professional administrators. Your virtual computer includes your own desktop inside a webpage, and the state of your desktop, like windows open, is remembered between logins. Your virtual computer also includes a lot of cool, free web-based applications like an office suite which is compatible with Microsof Office, photo editors, and media player which are also accesible from any computer. You can login to your virtual computer in seconds by typing in any browser in the world. or in a mobile phone and access your desktop in exactly the state you last left it. The virtual computer is free of charge because we get money from the service providers who want to offer you cool services. So, now Ethan uses for all his computer needs. His desktop, files, and programs are all inside Emma still uses her Mac at home, but uses sync to synchronize all her files so that they're available on when she uses her netbook or mobile phone. Also, Emma has shared some music with Ethan, and Ethan has interesting photos which he makes public using So is about freedom. the freedom to have someone else, someone professional, take care of securing your files, installing software, and doing backups and antivirus. The freedom to do whatever computing you want.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 18 seconds
Country: Israel
Language: English
Genre: None
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Posted by: silviaflorez on Aug 22, 2009

Explanatory video of, a virtual operating system which is the result of a rare collaboration between Israeli and Palestinian developer teams on both sides of the infamous West Bank separation wall.

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