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5 August 2018

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[incomprehensible] If you go here you will definitely get it. Keep in mind that if you go here. Because the people here 80% are businessmen. Small businessmen. [incomprehensible] [incomprehensible] Now the thing I am trying to say is... Mmm.. that... We have entered to a road from this side, We entered from that quarter side to a road behind upozilla parishad, Then we have entered from this side So! What do you think? Should I cover 30%? Or full 100%? What will happen after covering 100%? [incomprehensible] How many roads are there in total? There are countless roads. Countless roads. Okay. Sir if we go this side we have one,two or three roads even. [incomprehensible] That's okay. [incomprehensible] [incomprehensible] We won't go this way, we will go that way. If you go that way Think how many roads are there I can go from the bus stand by the inside Which entered further inside I can cover that. [incomprehensible] They won't enter [incomprehensible] They won't enter, they will try to exit. They will try to exit? Sir, we have to know the roads first. It will benifit us then. [incomprehensible] Can't we do one more thing, sir? We move all together. As we have a bigger force. We cover 15-20 houses at the same time. Sir, what he and we all are trying to say is We have enough force in our side We enter from any road And we surround 20-25 houses strictly. Like no one has chance to exit without our permit. [incomprehensible] That's why I am saying I think according to your logic We can't cover 100%. We can cover 30%. Isn't it? By covering 30%... We will cancel out the rest of the 70%. So that they are deported. We will plan like that. May be we'll move to another area after finishing this one. If we can cover 20-30 houses by moving all together. May be more that 20-30. The force is huge. No problem there. The inspector has come. He will understand the situation behind it better. You say inspector sir. [incomprehensible] [incomprehensible] [incomprehensible] No. We want to alert the whole area. They can't be allowed to stay here. A stir like this has to be created. Sir may we enter from the side of the bridge? We will walk there, sir. After we walk there We will come out by the terminal. There are some house after terminal. [incomprehensible] Why? Aren't there houses inside? There are many houses inside, right? So they are saying that Entering at a time very quickly Everyone will take position in front of each house. If one person stands on each house, No one can exit. So if we are in front of 30 houses No one can exit the houses we cover. [incomprehensible] So we won't stand in the same place Like defensive, midfield, and striking We will design like this. That means I am going at striking. You all go in defensive. Someone in midfield. So wherever we go You'll stand one by one. Don't stand in the same place. Stand one by one. The distance between two should be minimum to catch a runner. [incomprehensible] We will control the plan strictly. Nothing can be changed. Like a combing operation. Yes, combing operation. Sir, you come forward like fishing from one side. We are there in the front. Yes. Okay. So everyone keep each other's numbers. Everyone keep each other's numbers. Cooperation and coordination are necessary for this. Cooperation and coordination. I'll need it. Sojib sir, give me your number. So as we are civillians, They are in uniform. We are civillians. According to your information, As you are there as drug king aren't you? [laughter] Anyway... I will go there with you. Okay? Let me tell you your army... has to be on point to point. How many are there in total? We are 4 in total. [incomprehensible] No I now need persons of civil. I don't need anyone in uniform. Of civil. Because civil can't be traced easily. [incomprehensible] No. Sojib sir will be with me. There won't be any problem if Sojib sir will be there. The 4 of us will be with me. Wherever I go, Sojib will be with me. [incomprehensible] We'll go together. They ask where our home town is! Our home town is overseas. [incomprehensible] We can't tell because there is something. [incomprehensible] [inaudible] What should we do? [incomprehensible] They are not even talking Okay. Let me talk to Karim brother. Yes. Okay. Yes. So let's move together. [incomprehensible] We all will go together. We will go to [incomprehensible]. Okay. No problem. So can I go to the laboratory? Oh yeah. Of course. [inaudible] Karim sir, have you come? Where's the sunglass? You keep it. You will stay with me all the time. Will you enter with a car? Will anyone come out? [incomprehensible] Yes. Okay. Then enter directly. [incomprehensible] Where is my sunglass? [inaudible]

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