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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India - Kannada (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~06:14:07 - 06:29:05

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People are living in those big buildings. On the left side is the temple. The people usually wake up early in the morning and perform a 'pooja' They take breakfast quickly before the sun comes up The same with lunch and dinner, they change the timings accordingly, unlike us. take care, its very slippery! this guy is walking alone, very fast ! It's a little bit hot too ! When we go up there, it gets windy This is a very easy way , the other is very difficult with small steps... this is the final one, we have to take care when we walk here. Hold this, now its like a slope lets take a two minute break In august the river will be blocked on 15th of august, independence day the height of the water in the river will be up till the buildings over there this gap behind this mountain this gap here also is a part of the river since its the rainy season and also Independence Day they release a lot of water. It looks beautiful that time. Its a nice view of Hampi if you climb up this hill, from here you can see all of Hampi this side and that side you can see the sacred centre and the royal centre as well. so this hill is like the middle of the royal empire you see two lights up there in the mountain? oh yes.. theres a temple there its called the Durga temple one Durga temple there, and here is the Hanuman temple, where you can see the line if you want to go over there you have to cross the river there are vehicles to take you there. towards the right of the mountain there, there's a big lake and one here also, next to the village Kamalapura this is the village with the lights. This is the village Kadirampur full of banana plantations here,lot of bananas they grow a lot of bananas because there is good mud here and water from the river there are a lot of canals Satya:Are there water problems? Muttu:Not that many water problems but a few More in the highers regions now there is good light Satya:Are they going to switch off the lights in the village? Muttu:Yes they will , when the sun comes up Man: Master take water its good for your health! Muttu: We forgot! sorry! we can continue like this this is also a nice view, behind the hill with the market and the temple its very beautiful yes now, but when it rains its looks green and beautiful take care here, its very slippery if we fall here, we cant see anyone anymore Nobody has ever fallen, but its better to take care. The monkeys have also come for the sunrise! There are totally five hills like these in Hampi with the five hills, they had made the Capital of the Vijaynagar Empire and now we are standing on one of the hills so the three hills are here together and on the left side with the temple that's the Hemakuta hill and the other one is the Malyavanta Hill so totally we have five and between the five hills they have made five temples and markets and they found a () well, that's why the temple was built. two brothers () and () built the temple in the year 1513. At this time, the King of Hampi , Krishnadevaraya ruled the capital. So five big temples were built in Hampi and in front of them five market places. So each market has different names. where we walked up this morning, was called Hampi Bazaar In the olden times- the fifteenth century, they used to sell gold, diamonds and rubies, silver coins, gold coins..all kinds of stuff. and the distance between the front of the temple and this spot here is 725 metres. nearly one kilo metre! and this is one of the markets from the 15th Century and there, that is Suli Bazaar. Suli meaning red like a cherry! In those times, King Achyuta Raya ruled this area But he had vices like smoking and buying women from the markets Now, on the left side of the market there was a tank. It was covered after the 1565 war. Twenty years ago, after an excavation () they found the tank as well as gold coins in the surrounding area. So this is the way to the Vittala Temple. Can you see the four towers there ?, that's the temple. Also, there is a market in front of the temple.Its called the Vittala Bazaar and the length is One Kilometre. There is a market on both the sides. They used to sell horses in those times. So people from a lot of countries used to come : the Portugese, the Russians, the British, the Americans to buy horses They used to buy gold here. This is the old road. the stairs are like these, as you can see very well. But the road behind the mountains, that is new. At the moment, we can see the sun rise. We have to go higher. The monkeys have also come to see the sun! So we continue.. After the sunrise, we go down this way. We shall walk till the mountain behind , we shall return there. You see this cave? You go in through here and come out from there. And its a bit dark..there is no light. Also there are stones so if we slip we fall into a big whole inside. Very dangerous. So its better we use the stairs. We use this hole here to go in.. one day you can make it in the day time..better in the day time or early morning Good Morning! Many tourists and a lot of monkeys here! Thats a lake. You can see the lights? There... So when we stand can see the ruins on that side and the sacred centre on the other side

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Producer: Srikumar Venkatraman
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Posted by: globallivesindia on May 29, 2009

Muttu climbs the hill along with Satya, while he continues guiding Satya through the history.

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