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Detailed leacrtue on Sufism by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi part 2/8

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Why? Because it is in its nature. And when this will burst, he will chant Allah-Allah without being taught. Why? Allah-Allah is in its nature. Now, you’re not chanting Allah-Allah. The creature which has got awakened inside you is chanting Allah-Allah. There are two types of rosaries here - one is your rosary which is being sold in bazaars. tik, tik, tik There is another rosary fixed inside you, which is the rosary of that creature. Now you have become the teacher of that creature that your rosary is inside you. Now you synchronize Allah-Allah with it. Now it gets synchronized sometimes, and sometimes it is distracted, synchronized sometimes, sometimes it is distracted. After three years, it would be so strengthened that you get asleep profoundly and this Allah-Allah continued. Now, how that Light (Noor) is produced? because the one, who has Light, is an Umti, indeed. Isn’t it? Now, how that Light (Noor) is formed? One Sikh said to us that “your ancestors say that there is Light (Noor) in the Holy Quran”. We said that “this is so, beyond any shadow of doubt”. He said that “I’ve come back serving as undercover agent of you (means your country). I made people offer their prayers being their prelate (imam). I had crammed many verses of Quran. I came back after spending twelve, thirteen years; I couldn’t become Noori (Light- beholder)”. There was a Christian sitting beside him. He said that “I recite your Quran day and night; I couldn’t become Noori (Light-beholder), too”. We said that “actually you didn’t recite with your heart”. They said "OK we didn’t recite it with heart; but your Muslim people, they do recite with their hearts, then why haven’t they become Noori (Light-beholder)?” He said quite rationality. If they had recited with heart; why, then, they wouldn’t have become Noori? There is, indeed, Light (Noor) in this Holy Quran. The Quran which has Light (Noor) is in the holy chest of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] whom that chest embraces becomes Noori (Light-beholder) too And this Quran (means hardcopy) has come via press; the Light (Noor) has to produce with it. We people don’t know the art how to form Light (Noor) with it. Those who know this art have become the Friends of God (Saints). Now, what is its method to form Light (Noor) then? You chant Allah-Allah with the rosary. You can chant Allah-Allah also without tik-tik. Then, why you chant Allah-Allah with this tik-tik? Why our ancestors told us that? Just like cloud collides with cloud, electricity/thunder comes out --- when stones collide, spark rise up --- when Allah strikes with Allah noor/divine light is produced But the Light which formed this way that is remained in fingers, this not entered inside. Some people recite Quran, do Allah-Allah with their tongue; Light (Noor) is formed but this doesn’t enter inside, too. This remains outside. If it would have entered inside, then all the reciter of the Holy Quran would have become Noori (Light-beholder). If all of them will become Noori, would sectarianism not come to an end? Now, likewise the tik-tik which is happening inside – with this tik-tik - this tongue cannot chant Allah-Allah the creature (Qalb) that has got awakened, that is chanting Allah-Allah with it. When the repetition of Allah-Allah took place with these heartbeats, then that Light (Noor) is formed. Milk remains milk - when it is stirred, it turns into butter. Likewise, Zikr (commemoration) remains Zikr; it turns into Light (Noor) when it strikes. When strikes of Allah-Allah took place then the Light which is formed, it doesn’t stay outside ---mere in fingers it went straight into the blood and moving from blood, it enters into your veins then travelling from veins it entered into your souls. When it entered in the souls --- those (souls) also got awaken --- and they also started chanting Allah-Allah. Then, you keep on sleeping --- these will continue to chant Allah-Allah. Even though you die, this Allah-Allah will continue in the grave and in the Day of Judgment this chanting of Allah-Allah will be continued. When these (souls) will keep on chanting Allah-Allah all the time then the Light of this Allah-Allah will be accumulated in this heart. This is it's headquarter. This is generator, Allah-Allah piled up. It is in a Hadith Sharif (Prophetic tradition) that “the Prayer of Momin (Momin is the one who contain Noor) is journey to Heavens (Meraj-ul-momineen)” not of a Muslim but of a Momin. A Muslim keep on striking the whole life can’t become a Momin because there is an interpretation of a Momin in Surah Hujrat. “The Arabs said, “We have brought faith (Emaan)”. God said, “No! Tell them, you’ve just embraced Islam, you’ll become Momin when Light will make its way to your hearts”. Only then you will become the Momin. Then how your prayer will become the journey? Now your prayer is not a journey to heaven yet. For your prayer/salat, Quran says that “ruined will be those Namazis’ (one who offers prayers) who are not aware of the Nimaz e haqeeqat (the prayer of reality). Their prayer is just Ostentation/show-off”. How that (prayer) is Ostentation? Allah Almighty said to Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] “Qul’Ho Walla’ho Aa’had” – ‘say God is alone’. Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said Aamin! ("So be it; truly") Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said to the people, ‘say God is alone’. Those who said ‘aamin’ ("So be it; truly") became Muslims and those who didn’t accept became infidels while those who pretended (said half-heartedly) – were hypocrites. Now to whom a Muslim states “Say! God is alone”. Dear! You are aware that God is alone --- then to whom you say time and again? “Say God is alone”. Bullah Shah said, “The whole debate ends in one point – ek nukte wich gal mukdi ey.” You ask to your hearts that “say God is Alone”. The heart replies --- “there is no flour at home”. It doesn’t admit and makes artifices. Then you say, ‘AllaHus Mud’ (God is beyond needs) --- Heart says ---“no, wife is sick”. ‘Lum Ya Lid Walum’yo Lud’ --- Heart says --- “you have got late from the duty.let’s go!” Infidel’s tongue doesn’t admit; Hypocrite’s hearts do not confirm and bodies of the Liars do not act. Now tell? Your heart was indeed a hypocrite! Offering prayers with complete devotion and involvement (Khashu khazu) in the mosque. God says, No! I see neither his beard nor his bowing. I see his heart and his intention. What people see, he is active/clever in that; and what God looks at, he does business in that. This is a demonstration prayer/prayer of apparent appearance (Namaz-e-Surat) which is offered by every sect. This prayer is not reliable. Bullah Shah says “Your heart is playing with children; that in real you’ve played a fraudulent with God” This prayer is offered by Muslims. It is offered by every sect. That spy went by offering this prayer. Now, that prayer which is the journey to Heavens (Meraj) of a Believer can only be offered by a Momin; a Muslim can’t offer it. How it becomes a journey to Heavens (Meraj)? Every human being who came (on earth), God installed a telephone in him. Dear! Because he has sent by Him so far as if whenever he (human being) feels a need to contact Him for this He fixed telephone in him. But the way this telephone (apparent) has been fixed. Telephone (Mobile) is kept here --- it needs electricity. If there is electricity; then if the mobile is laid here, then the waves of electricity will ascend up and go straight in America. If there is Light of God (Noor) within you then the waves of the Light of God (Noor) will rise upward and go straight to the Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the Throne of God). When, Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] approached up in Shab-e-Meraj 'the Night of Ascension' God bestowed gifts that give them to your [PBUH] Ummah (Followers). Why? God does not want salat/prayers. If you don’t offer even a single prayer, even then He will remain God. His dignity doesn’t get down. Then, why He needs prayers? These are gifts. As one takes flowers with him going to a shrine --- the shrine’s Man doesn’t eat them. These are the mere gifts of faith. For this reason these gifts were given --- that pass them to your Ummah (nation). They will send Me these gifts five times a day. When these gifts will approach to Me --- then, I’ll be remembered to them. They’ll be remembered to Me. Now, those gifts came down.

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 9, 2010 This address was delivered by His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan).

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