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13_Green Camp

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This is Alfi speak, is it a good level?'re going like this...and then you're going very loud. I'm nervous. It's going to get over. You've nothing to be nervous about. Okay, tell us who you are and where we are. Okay [inaudible], born and raised in South Africa. Kwazulu, originally South Coast and [inaudible] Township. Where we are today is a [inaudible] program that I'm working on which is a prototype planned and designed to be offered to the city as a model under the subject of sustainability and holistic health. This place is called a Green Camp Gallery project and it's a [inaudible] program to create a sustainable urban environment with diversity that purchases health... And what are you hoping for in the sense of what sort of people and what can they do here? It's a place where intention is to expose every soul that can come across this space. And intention is to highlight the importance of the environment and how much have we as humanity, just generally, globally, have drifted apart from you know, the priorities. So this place is open as an urban farm where we do workshops, visitations in groups or individuals. Or we do permaculture courses first of all and even just like talking about the topic. It is an art gallery with exhibitions and slightly different approach to the industry of course on how to take something produced into production and distribution. We are a museum where we try to connect the analog to digital. We're just showing people on the simplest inventions and designs that we can maybe today take for granted but that are important for where we come from as people. And how can we learn from the old so that we can be able to operate in the new. So this is basically yes, an open door policy kind of a property. And how does the future of projects like this and that play into where Durban heads in the future? Can you repeat the question please? I suppose what I'm trying to get at is how... I've come across a lot of people in the last few days that are really thinking ecologically sustainability and being respectful and making sure things are reused. And this being a model, in a very grassroots level, where this is your work. This is like your hard work to set an example. Are you seeing more of that really I suppose? Yes. So what's inspiring you, what you're seeing, that's driving you forward with this? What drive me forward with this it's both sides of the coin. The other side of the coin is, the positive side of the coin, is, this is one of the most amazing place I've ever been in the world. Kwazulu and Durban as a's climate, it's food, it's diversity, it's culture and it happens to generate so much energy when it comes to global influence. From sound to art to fashion. In Durban, it's one of those forgotten, kind of like small little place but big in a way. That's the positive side. The negative side is that there's a history. You know, Durban fits in a country that has a history that is very disturbing and dark. Because of that, it has placed all of these diverse groups into a dilemma of how to get together and really start now to look things as one eye or as one people. So with that, there has been like a very vicious cracks in between that are getting worse and worse without proper infrastructure in place to try and solve the situation. So what I'm saying with this is that South Africa as a country is a young democracy. As a young democracy, there are still stages that South Africa is going through of which the most main stage is just South Africans getting to know who they are as people, as a nation, identity. With that crisis of identity, we see corruption, we see... We hear topics like Xenophobia. We hear topics like really, really, really, really, really, really depressing spiral situations that are coming out of this desperation of trying to find a way forward as separate groups. So with this program in Green Camp, we're coming with some sort of a philosophy that is propelled by frustration and anger of being homelessness. Me, myself [inaudible], I'm in a country where I feel homeless to be in. I don't have a home because I have to like try to work so hard just to prove ruins, you know. Just to see the project itself in its fourth year not funded, not supported by the city, not even people aware around. It tells a lot about South Africa and the capability that the country has for imagining or even solutions for the future. So the gaps are education, and exposure to information. So hence Green Camp is an open platform so that people can be exposed into seeing something transforming from an idea into this urban forest. I think a lot of what we've seen over the last few days is a really conscious, positive movement forward and it's all very community based. You know, on such diverse levels from Station Road and things like that to here, that feels a million miles apart but you both say the same thing and that's incredible for me and you know, you're very different people. But, you want the same thing for Durban. So I suppose, the last question is probably what are your hopes for Durban in the future? The hopes? My hope is that this program is adopted. Our intention is for Green Camp to be part of the curriculum, school curriculum. However, it's not too dependent in that because ourselves are starting a labor of sustainable practices. We have the ability in this century to collect information and knowledge, get people together and get discussions going. So, the intention is that this has to be a platform either way of second knowledge when it comes to real grounds of sustainability. Sustainability can never be spoken if we don't touch on identity. So, our intention is to yeah, get this to be part of the school curriculum. Get the store internationally. The intention also is for other societies to be able to replicate this. So we want to seek in camp Green Dots first in the city, Green Dots nationally and Green Dots internationally. Using this philosophy that we've designed because the philosophy we've designed a little bit of a twist is that it is more based in indigenous knowledge systems. So it's quite a, still a new awakening in academia to incorporate this knowledge, all knowledge in maybe in talking about okay, how the future is going to look like. So, that's why we believe in this philosophy and it has research and it has all the work on the ground. That's our intention yeah. Thank you, I think that's been amazing.

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13_Green Camp

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