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Jen's typing. It has begun! "Trailer" My fellow emoticons. Today will be a true test of your character, I can tell Some of you are worried, some of you are scared Well, I'm angry!! but I want each of you to remember this moment, right now The moment before you help express a feeling that could not be conveyed with text alone You're about to punctuate a sentence in a clever way Smooth over, misunderstandings, clear up a miscommunication and tone or soften an otherwise harsh statment In other words, you're about to fulfill your destiny Emoticons!!!!! Cool man... Jen's typing, it has begun!! [Jen says: "Hi"] Stand by for the response [Hey, Jen. Sry 2 cancel dinner last nite. Hope we're OK] Happy Face, get in there! Here we go! [i waited 2 hrs 4 u 2 call. Rly uncool] Oh no... Dammit, Wink, stand by! You got it pal [What R U doing tonight?] Go! Alright! C'mon baby, c'mon [work has been crazy] Crazy! Get in there! [I think i hv 2 break up with u...] Oh shit! It's worse than I thought [Why?] Confused! Get in there! What? Where? How do I...? Right now! Get in there now! [u use too many emoticosn] Ohhhhh!! Ahhhh... hehehe Guys! What's happening? [i wish u could just tell me how you feel.] Uhhhhhh.... [Ur real emotions. In ur own words] I think we should turn on the webcam. Bad idea Eye-face Mmmmm.... Shut up, Zipper Mouth face! [I love you] Oh. My. [mumbling] I can do this Angry, put me in Refrain! Refrain! [I love you too!!] Heart, now! Hello We've done it! Victory is ours We did it! Victory El programa de media hora Los viernes a las 10 Este/Pacífico

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Duration: 2 minutes and 54 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
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Posted by: hchico on Jun 10, 2009


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