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TVP Teamspeak Q&A Seminar - 2012-03-25 - Free Will

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I'm going to talk about a very difficult subject. It's called "free will". Most people believe that they have free will. The strange thing about it, in the mechanical world when they say "the machine turned off" machines don't turn off; either there's a short or something wrong with the circuit. And even automobile mechanics look for the factors that change the behavior of the automobile. Either the tires are not equally inflated, they look for that, if your car veers to the right or left, sometimes the tyre pressure isn't even, in your car. Sometimes, the lawn mower doesn't cut the grass, the blades aren't sharp enough, or the rpm is not great enough, the rotation speed, so they always look for events that are responsibile for the behavior of all mechanical systems. In fact, if you made a blade of a fan, and had no pitch it would turn but it would blow wind. So it's the pitch that blows the wind, and (?)because the pitch moves the air (?)and blows the wind. So we all (?) look for even a wind turbine, is turned by the pitch but wind has to act on it to do that. Now, moisture rises of the Earth. We say moisture is rising; actually the sun evaporates it. The sun lifts these little drops by heating them. And they move up and back, rapidly, and they rise actually they're caused to rise by the sun acting on the drops of water. We equate everything in nature, we never (?)say, well, some of us do, we say "the tree fell over". The tree doesn't fall over unless it happens to have branches which grow and change the center of gravity of the tree, so it can no longer... the roots do not grasp enough surface to keep the tree upright so the wind acting on the tree makes it fall to the ground. It isn't just the wind, it's gravity, and asymmetry of balance which causes that. But human beings feel that they themselves have free will, they make choices and free will means that all choices are made without cause. And if something is caused by something else it's not free will. In other words, hunger, when you get hungry, the organism has used a lot of energy, and so you have different feelings, you have thirst, you have hunger. It's thirst that tends to make you get a glass of water. If you never had a feeling of thirst, you would dry up, you would die. If you didn't have a sense of... if a fly landed on you, if you wouldn't feel the itch it would sting you continously. So would a bee, but the fact that you've got sensory(?) meaning responding mechanisms, you wack the fly. So if all things in nature are subject to natural force, including the orbit of the Moon around the Earth, there's a gravitational field that keeps the Moon within the orbit. The same with the Earth, the same with the Earth rotation. It is done by physical force, something in nature that does that. A magnet really does not attract other material, But there's some mechanism in the magnet that acts in a certain way. In other words, they found out years ago, that if you suspend a ball with a string near a precipice it moves towards the precipice. Mass seems to attract mass, certain kinds of mass. So if you suspend a ball near a cliff it moves a little bit toward the cliff. What that mechanism is I could go into theories about that but I don't want to do that now because it wouldn't serve any useful purpose. If an airplane is about to take off and there's a sudden gust of wind it will take off faster. And if it's about to come in for landing and the wind moves at the speed the airplane (?) it will drop to the ground. It needs wind coming at it to sustain it. Also, man does not see with his eyes, he needs light. If a man says "well, at least I can see", if you bring him into a dark closet, and tell them to see, he cannot, unless there's light. So he does not see with his eyes, he sees with a combination of the retina, the brain, the eyes and light and many other factors, which I needn't go into. If all things are acted upon by nature, if a moth has a tendency to fly into light, and a moth has what we call an antenna, it's a heat sensor and when it gets near the flame, the heat sensor lets him know gives him a reaction(?) away from the flame, so a moth whithout an antenna will fly into the fire. It's the antenna that causes him to back off. If you put sensors on a machine, meaning they can sense the environment they can react to it. Without sensors a blind man needs a cane to see if there's objects in front of them, because he doesn't have visual sensors. They say he tripped over the object. No, he had no sensors to tell them there is an object on the floor that he could not sense So if a doctor knows that you have damaged sensors, they recommend eye glasses or eye surgery or retinal damage replacement, or hearing aids. If you lose your hearing you can't hear a Mack truck coming down the street, You'll have to step in front, if you can hear at least you got another sense that tells you there's another sense that tells you there's a vehicle coming. So people that are deaf, have a higher chance of being hit by a car, not because they're deaf, because they can't sense a car coming down the street. So, when we talk, they used in the old days say that we had six senses. Like we had six...we have an internal sense of how full you are, a pain sense, of the depth of your body, you have a itch sense, you have a burn sense, you have many different senses, not six. (?) we can say we have six senses that I am aware of but you can't say we have six senses. You have a sense of fullness sometimes, a sense of fatigue which they don't talk about, So don't try to (?)numerically, unless you do a study of everything you react to and you say "this is a list that I find that man can react to." Some people, some, very few can sense magnetic fields. Some birds can't; if you put a magnet, connect a magnet to their head they loose sense of direction. The same with fish. So fish have senses we don't have. I'm not talking about good or bad, right or wrong, I'm talking about what you react with. So if a light gets continually brighter and brighter, your eyelids will come down. And if it gets so bright you'll put your hand in front to diminish the light. You say "I put my hand in front to diminish the light." Even if they couldn't speak they do that, you know what I mean? You don't have to be able to speak. So people think that they choose things. The proof that they don't choose things is (?) many, but (?) If you're brought up in a tribe that looks very different than we do, you fall in love with that configuration. That's why I say there's no such thing as beauty, it's a conditioned thing. You're conditioned to like girls that are blonde or redhead, depending on the movies, the books, the people you've known. So, we don't always know what it is that makes us apear to chose, but if you met a person with yellow spots on their face, and they allways beat you up, everytime you met a person with yellow spots, the next time you saw a person with yellow spots, you'll cross the street. And they say "well, I'm avoiding the person will yellow spots." No, that's called a conditioned reflex; you're conditioned to react to people with yellow spots. It doesn't mean that everbody with yellow spots will beat you up. We project, and maybe some of that projection is useful for survival. So if you eat a certain type of grass, and you get a belly ache, the next time you see that pattern, you tell somebody else don't eat that because (?)all the decision making is based on experience. So if you touched(?) a lot of poison oak and you get blisters on your hand and you don't know what it is that you've touched, you better make a record in the future, of touching things and then looking to your hands, and then later when you get a reaction, your decision making system is affected by the rash you get. So, if you meet a redheat and she's very temperamental, and you meet a second redhead and she's very temperamental, you might tell your friends "stay away from redheads, they're temperamental." No, that's your reaction to particular redheads. So, if you meet a gay person, and they reach for you (?) hand there "What the hell is the matter with that person?" They've been conditioned differently than you have. It isn't that they're bad, nobody's bad. So that's why society does not believe in free will. They say "don't steal". When your kid steals you slap his hand, if you catch him stealing. If you don't catch him, he can get away with it, So you tell kids, you give them a sense of morality, a sense of behavior by spanking or (?)pulling a dog. All dogs will try to do whatever they want to do. So you connect a leash to him; when he tries to do his own thing, you pull him away. So, he always has to obey you. But if you leave a dog alone, he'll take over. The dog will always try to get you to do things to sastisfy him, unless you dominate the dog. The same with people. If a guy says to a small guy "go get me a glass of water." The small guy doesn't, and he slaps him. The next time he says "get me a glass a water", the small guy will get him a glass of water. But if a big guy (?) who picks him up and throws him across the room, He says "I'll get my own glass of water". That's based on conditioning. So free will is an arrogance on the part of man, the assumption that he is the only object in the world that does not react to certain stimuli, all decisons are based upon whatever reaction you (?)had. If you like a young lady, you get married. In the old days, you just moved in together, but it was to difficult to manage, that is that (?) group of people could not manage people unless they made a set of laws, and said "you don't take anything out of his hut, you don't take anything out of her hut," they had to invent some kind of structure to keep that society from (?) working. In other words, if everybody took things from your (?) cabin, when you went hunting you got five rabbits and I stole four of them, the tribe wouldn't work, so morality is an outgrowth on the inability to manage systems. Do you understand that? All (?) laws come about because we need to have, especially if you get more than four people living together, you have to make laws. The law is "don't take his bow and arrow, he made that bow and arrow." You give him all kind of words, "it's wrong", But if a guy doesn't have a bow and arrow or a javelin, and a lion comes at him, and your javelin is nearby, he will borrow it. He doesn't steal it he borrows it and he throws it at the lion because that's the only thing he knows that will keep the lion off. He says "I decided to take your javelin, although I know it's yours but there was nothing else I could do at the time." So the judge might be lenient. Now, a lenient judge is a broad judge with broad experience A judge that is brought up to believe in right, wrong, good, bad, black and white, his decisions are rigid as hell. But if he goes to another country that has a different set of values, and he learns to live there, he can understand when you say different cultures impose different values on people. They don't care if you were to take one grape from your grape collection if you had a lot of grapes on the (?)table, but if you only had one grape the law becomes severe. In scarcity there are more laws, can you understand that? The scarcer the object the more laws. Now, if a man is incapacitated, he has scarcity, so he looks at you that can walk up and down, and jump, the envies you, because you have a wider range of behavior. But if he can be given a shot in the same range of behavior he no longer envies you. So envy is a byproduct of behavior sometimes that you cannot perform. Do you understand that? Okay. Now, what people would like to do, let's assume that you lived in such a world, where a person suddenly looks a certain way and his face changes, so that girl likes his looks. His nose changes, everything changes, so that it (?)becomes wavy and curly, the girl (?)meets a guy and says "I like your looks" then when he meets another girl that is (?) his face undergoes change; he becomes black or whatever it is that that girl likes. So that would be an organism that can change his shape. As a kid I always had difficulty with one crocodile getting an erection over another. I saw nothing beautiful about a crocodile to give me an erection. And I could understand how a crocodile would want to screw another crocodile, they're so ugly, to me, but I now understand it's chemotropism (?) chemical, that activates the sexual behavior, not the apearance of the crocodile, "you have lovely teeth, I love the texture of your skin, its nice and rough." They don't have those values, they react to a different set of circumstances. The assumption, when you turn a camera on, everything is connected, (?)it will work, if you don't turn it on you say "gee, maybe something is wrong with the camera", so you start looking at relevant areas, is it plugged in, is there a power failure? We don't do that with human beings. When they react in a certain way we say "you're bad, you shouldn't have done that." We don't look for the cause because we're never told about that. But we are told about cause when a sewing machine doesn't go on, it's not plugged in, the motor is dead, or the power is off, you're given that. But is very hard for human beings to say "I wonder what made me do that", because they don't keep a record of going to church and noticing when you go to church, if you don't steal, you're less apt to wind up in jail. So if you obey the law of your society, you get by. If you break the law, or you seamingly break the law (?) to another person, if another person thinks you broke the law, and if you got three witnesses that think you broke the law, they can put you in jail, because of what they think. So you have a judgement by a jury which is based upon their common values, not the truth. That is, when I use to word truth, I'm talking about events. They don't base their judgement on events. If you're brought up to hate Germans, they can understand that and they can understand why you stab a German because they told you in school that the German will stab you if you don't stab him. And the Japanese soldier will kill you, if you don't kill him. So, they give you a set of values that makes your behavior (?) conducive to the will of the government. Government means the control group. The control group does not know the origin of their controls, all they know is that it kept them in power, and if they alter those controls they lost power. And they gave everybody free will. They said "you can do everything you want to do, I'm taking your throne and your crown away from you". If you tell that to the king, he would lose his power. So (?) says "honour the king, never take anything from the king." If you do, they'll chop your head off, (?) that really controls behavior. So the assumption of falling in love with an attractive girl, what you've been conditioned to call attractive is what your behavior is. Person says "isn't there something as true beauty? Well, you can look at a sunset as true beauty, if you want to. Or you can look at a thunderstorm (?) as fascinating, or you can look at it as a threat. There are people that are threatened by thunderstorms, there are people that have fobias about lightning, and rain which produces floods, but it all depends where you're brought up and how your brought up, what are your decisions are. I'm saying your decisons what decisions have been forced on you. Now if you want to sit back and think about it... You say, "well, am I making a decision when I pick a certain kind of furniture?" You say, "Well why did you picked up that furniture? Because I like it." That doesn't tell why you picked it. "Because of aunt Minnie. I always respected aunt Minnie and her husband and they had that kind of furniture. So I want the kind of furniture that commands respect. I want to drive a certain car, Mercedes, because the guy next door had a Mercedes, and it costed three times as much as my car, and everybody in the neighbourhood respected him" But if he drove up in a beat up tin (?) that was (?)dense all over the place, he commanded less respect. Now, you could bring up people to want a broken tin (?), because the more you suffer on earth the closer you are to god. So the guy says "Boy, I had a terrible weekend, but I feel very close to god." So suffering, like the Penitentes of Mexico wip each other because (?)they carry the cross that Jesus carried, to feel some of the pain that they feel Jesus went through to become (?)great. So they want to share the pain with Jesus. And later on, the more pain, the greater the sharing. So you can learn to love pain. Can you understand that? The major cause of suicide in the South Pacific was a prison or a tooth ache, because there was no end to a tooth ache, when you couldn't have a man pull your tooth. It was nothing than constant torture. When the white man brought sugar and candy to the islands, there were more dental caries, do you understand? So if you (?)move a bright light in front of a person's eye, the eye tends to follow up, unless you ask them not to. When you say "don't follow the light", you move it around, the eyes will not follow the light. But that is conditioning. Conditiong is "well, I can either follow a light or not follow it." It depends on the orders you're given. Guy says "I was brought up at home (?)where my brother was very jealous and my parents were jealous, and I was (?)not jealous", because (?) you were brought up in a home that varied those conditions somehow, you may not know what they are, (?) people can't always account for their behavior, unless your a careful student of behavior to study all of the elements that motivate you. When you were a kid you (?) didn't grow up saying "I wonder why my dad makes me feel inferior, because he knows a lot of things I don't know", and we think "because his my dad, he knows that." No, it's because he's been exposed to a set of values. Like I said many times, a creative person has been exposed to a wider set of values that you have, in a given area; you might be more creative in making javelins, he might be more creative in some other area, depending on their exposure. So I'm saying that free will is an assumption based upon the inability to account for certain aspects of behavior. Do you understand what I mean? If you can't account for what it is that makes you decide one thing over another. That's all you can say, I don't know what it is. But if you say it's nothing, it's inborn, well, there are inborn reactions, to move your hand away from fire, to hold your foot in front of you when the ground is slippery. Those are learned conditions. And there are many reflexes that are protective. Those are inborn reflexes, your knee reflex, that's inborn. You can't say "I'm not going to react" unless there's a disconnection of the nerves. So everything in nature seems to be caused by something. When an airplane crashes the FAA, the Federal Aviation Authority comes in, they say "the cause of the crash was engine failure" or the ailerons failed, or the rudder failed. They look for cause, but in human behavior, they do not look for cause. Because if a man says "well, he was brought up in a deprived environment", the judge says "I was brought up in poverty, I don't steal, how come he does?" Because I (?)will not to." He has more influence placed upon stimuli than the other guy did, And he was less reinforced, and he was caught stealing and spanked for it. But if a kid steals a lot of candy from a candy store and doesn't get caught he might begin to take other things. Do you understand that? But if he gets caught and is hurt for being caught he may not steal. So you say, he's more moral than she is. Morality is based upon the reward you got. If you work in a jewelry store and you stole one watch, the jeweler is not very attentive, he doesn't always count his whatches at night and puts them away. So you can (?) you might take a watch for your girlfriend, do you know what I mean? So you (?)say "he's got a lot of watches, you rationalise. He's got a lot of watches, he's not going to miss it anyway. So if you work in a Coca Cola factory with thousand of bottles, if you drink one Coke it's not going to hurt the company. You can rationalise (?) like a psychiatrist (?) "the thief rationalises thievery." Now psychiatrists (?) says to the thief "it costs you 65 dollars an hour to come to me." Well the thief never agreed to that, but the psychiatrist says "that's the fee I charge" When a doctor says it's going to cost you 4000 dollars to put an artificial knee in you, he didn't say "what can you afford?" Do you know what I mean? He is(?) a dictator. And you say "well, that is the way it is" and makes you feel guilty if you say "well, I can't afford it. The doctor says "well, if you clean my place and put things in place in my office for about three weeks I'll do the surgery for you. You know, he doesn't say "pay me in kind, however you can." That's the old days of barter, when a guy couldn't afford to give you gold he says "I want you to change my leaky roof", do you know what I mean? So, he says that is only right that you do something for the doctor since you can't pay him. So your right and wrong become the thing you do. When another nation takes land away from another nation they feel, "well, they don't know how to use it anyway", the indians were savages, the africans would be eating each other if we didn't bring them here as slaves. They're cannibals, they ought to be thankful that we brought them here. Well, I heard that one in the South, have you ever heard that one? They have been eating each other in Africa, they're cannibals, so we took them, or we took their land because they're cannibals, they didn't know how to use the land, were smarter than they are because we believe in god, and we should manage them because they don't know any better. That's the kind of rationale or free will that comes about in a society that believes that they are right or that they have free will. In other words is very hard to escape your culture. It is very difficult without a long term discussion as to what gives you preference in behavior. If you say "I like the girl's nose, it's a little tiny nose upturned." And this guy has a beak, a long beak and they call him "eagle beak." But if everybody had an eagle beak you would be the funny one. So you understand that? That's why the whole idea of you having an eye in the middle of your forehead, and two eyes here (?) and one eye in the back of your head you wouldn't want (?) the memory developed(?) in the eye in the middle of your forehead, unless you were brought up by a whole family with eyes in the middle of the forehead. So it's very hard to think your way out of your culture. Free will is not a question of rational discussion, it's a question of exchange of ideas up and back until the person says "I can see that, but I still respond to readheads." That means that if you were brought up to like women not men, you say "Well, I can understand that a guy can be brought up to fuck sheep, I can understand that but I like readheads", do you understand what I mean? As long as you know where your coming from. If you give an American Indian (?) watch, he doesn't say "gee, that's a (?), or that's a (?). He doesn't concern himself with that propaganda, so the decision affecting that is very different. All decision making if you think about it seems to fit the culture you live in. If you don't understand, go back and think in terms of an indian village or a person brought up in China, and their reactions, the way they bow to you, all learned. If you don't understand that, facial expressions, in other words if a person gives you a gift, you say "Oh, you shouldn't done that", than take it back and see what it happens. So allright (?) I feel put out. They only have expressions that they use: "Happy Birthday!" Or if it's the wrong day, "Unhappy Birthday!" What do they say, " - Wednesday is not my birthday, it's next Thursday. - Oh." "So Happy Birthday, next Wednesday!" Everything you say, your facial expressions, " - I'm engaged. - Oh, how lovely." You say "What a terrible fucking thing!" You can't say that, so (?) of what you say, " - I'm getting married next week. - Oh, you lucky you! I wish I would meet somebody I would want to marry." All of those things are forced. Well, they're not forced in the sense of arm twisting, they're forced in the sense of environmental exposure. When you salute the American flag that's they way you were brought up. If you salute the swastika, that's the way you were brought up. But if you are brought up after you learn to salute the swastika and you're brought to America, you have difficulty saluting the American flag, until you're propagandised enough. And that's what newscast are. News is managed news to keep you within a certain value system. A broadminded radio station can't build a big following, because there are to many variables in behavior that will not work too well. You can't control people if they lose their self-respect to whatever it is that you give them. So, if I were driving a car and I would detract it by some fire in(?) another the automobile and (?)it killed a person, I would not feel guilty, because I was detracted, but there are people that carry their guilt all their lives. I hit a man crossing the street, I should have been more attentive, But if you weren't more attentive and you killed a guy driving a car because (?)some car caught on fire (?) and you were turned away and you killed two kids crossing the street, "Oh my god..." all your life you get nightmares because of your values thinking it's your fault. I don't know if you understand that. You could have been detracted. I could say this that there was a significant detraction so that I didn't see the kids crossing the street. Therefore nothing is your fault, no matter what happens. It is never your fault. If you're conditioned to hate Filipinos and you beat up a Filipino at that phase of your life, your not a bad person, you're a person carrying out your conditioning. So I rarely do anything I'm sorry for. I didn't know any better. Do you think you know what I mean? If you make a bad drawing without art instructions that would be normal. If you make a better drawing with art instructions, you know what it is that enabled you to be better. But if you hold guilt for something you once did, say you fucked a rabit that belonged to your neighbor, then all your life you're ashamed of that, that means that at that time you were a rabit fucker, later on you weren't. So there's no guilt, do you understand that? But guilt keeps people in line. If you give people guilt feelings that work for your factory that produces flashlights no one is apt to steal a flashlight, that works for you, so you might ask "do you go to church?" he says "every week". " - Are you a catholic? - Yes." They are less apt to steal, whereas agnostics and atheists who (?) doesn't believe in morality, then you have less hope, do you know what I mean? But they may be moralists too. You can be an atheist and a moralist, can you understand that? If you got enough moral training. But a person says "whithout moral training people would go in many different directions." Not if you provide for their needs. They won't go in many different directions. If they know they (?), but if there's a lake and you own it, and there's drinking water there, I will come at night and steal some water for my family and feel bad that I've done that thievery act. Because you taught me not to take your water, it belongs to you, and if you succeded in giving me a guilt complex, you need less policemen, do you understand? By making a person feel guilty you don't need as many policemen to watch over you. So all moral laws are control devices; they don't start off that way. The guy beats the shit out of you if you touch his propriety. And then the teachers teach morality, but if they don't teach morality in school, you'll lose control of people. So if you go to my school, I will teach the children to respect god, "God put me in charge of you", that's why I am in charge, so I have to teach the kids to respect me. If I say "Look, I'm just like any other being, I make mistakes, I make poor judgements sometimes, they won't respect me, and if they loose respect for me, I can't control them. That's why equal justice under the law, does not exist. If lawyers go to prison, they go to a special prison, did you know that? Not to an ordinary prison. They call it "The Country Club", they are treated differently, so that's not equal justice under the law. And if you have a lot of money, you can hire a better lawyer. And you can get away with things. Okay, I hope as far as morality goes see if you can think of something where you make your own decisions. See if you can invent something. Do you believe that beauty is a question of geography, where you're raised? If you are raised in a black culture, the girl there are black. And in the South Pacific Islands they like girls with a fat belly, I mean really fat. So they feed them lots of fatty foods and (?) turns the guy on. Is that right, wrong? No, different customs. Now, girls pluck their eyebrows and they put lipstick on. I don't like lipstick, most people do, they say "Put make-up on,(?) you're going out." I think no make-up makes a person look better. They (?) with the blue around the eyes and all that shit, it bothers me. But that's the way I was brought up, there's nothing wrong with putting make-up on, it's just a waste of time, that's all. Anyway, try it see how it works, try changing the concept of free will. But start of with "if you were brought up in another culture", like I always do, I say the same thing (?) "How are you, mate?" Is that an inborn thing in Australia, or is that learned? Ask them that; if a guy speaks with a german accent, is that learned or is that inborn? Ask them that and I'm sure you'll get the right answer. And if you say "oh my, how awful, two children were lost in the fire" (?) reaction if you hated children, you say "good riddance!" Do you know what I mean? If you say "two Nazis were killed in a plane crash" to a Jew, he says "good, it should have happen sooner", you know what I mean? If you told two Nazis that, they say "How horrible!" Just show them examples, and if they don't get that get off.

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TVP Teamspeak Q&A Seminar - Free Will - 2012-03-25

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