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So Nurb, what's the quest? Something remarkable! That sounds terrific! Why look? There it is, the nose! That's it! I was expecting a little more impressive. More impressive than the nose? Ha! Not likely! Enlighten me. Where to start? How about the entrance? At the entrance of the nose, you'll find there are two holes called nostrils. They are separated by something called a septum. When you breathe in through the nostrils, the air enters the nasal passage, and heads into your nasal cavity. The nasal cavity is a space in your head behind your nose. From the nasal cavity the air heads downhill through the trachea or windpipe, and poof...ends up in the lung. Then the whole process happens in reverse when you exhale. Breathing's great Nurb, but, I can also breathe through my mouth. The nose is a lot more than a hole to breathe through. It also warms, moistens, and filters the air, before it enters the lungs. How does it warm, moisten and filter the air? I am glad you asked. The inside of the nose is lined with a moist thin layer of tissue called the mucus membrane which makes mucus, that sticky stuff in your nose. mean snot. Wonderful! Glorious snot works with your nose hair to capture dust germs, and other small particles, that could irritate your lung. When the mucus, dirt and other debris dry and clump together, voila... you got yourself a booger! A booger is like a trophy your nose captures when it's protecting your lungs. Nose Trophy... it is right in this, that sometimes your nose captures something it needs to get rid of, right now. Hey, stop putting pepper on your sandwich! You're going to make it... sneeze! A sneeze shouts out unwanted particles out of your nose at upto a 100 miles an hour. Who are you calling an unwanted particle? Air in, air out! Warms, moistens and filters the air on the way. Makes boogers. Can shoot unwanted stuff out of your nose at a 100 miles per hour! Pretty awesome stuff! Oh, but, wait! There's more. Close your eye. What? Just do it. Smell! Hmm...fresh bread. Smell! Orange...nice. Smell! Ah...a rose. You shouldn't have... Smell! Eww...gross! Your old gym socks! You really shouldn't have... Your nose can smell what it smells, because of the Olfactory Epithelium. Olfactory is a fancy word. For things that have to do with smelling, the Olfactory Epithelium contains special receptors that notice them. Then the receptors send signals along the Olfactory Nerve to the Olfactory Bulb. Those signals then go to the all important, brain. So, that's how I know whether I am smelling bread or an orange or a rose! Exactly! ...or say your old smelly socks! Wow! The Nose! The Nose! We salute you...two thumbs up for the nose! For the nose, not in it... Yeah, I get that now! Can we go on the sneeze ride again? That was awesome. Just as soon as I get my thumbs out!

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