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Once Upon a Marriage - Week 1

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In the beginning, God created man. "Hello!" Then, He saw that man was lonely, so He created woman. "!" And the two were united in one flesh and it was good. And then it went very, very bad. "This is your fault!" "This is your fault!" And ever since, man and woman have found all kinds of creative ways to mess up this holy institution. "This is your fault!" "This is your fault!" Join us, as we look at marriages throughout the Bible, and learn a thing or two about the marriages of today in Once Upon a Marriage. Well, welcome today to all of our campuses, network churches, and those of you all over the world at Church Online. If you have your Bibles with you, let's open them today to Genesis 29. We are starting a brand new series of messages called, Once Upon a Marriage, as we are going to examine in detail four couples from the Old Testament and see how, for better or worse, their marriages could speak into our lives and empower our marriages to be better. Let's start this way. At all of our locations, I need some participation from the ladies. Any women in the house? Ladies, how many of you (and be honest at all of our campuses), when you were a young girl, you dreamed one day of getting married; having the perfect marriage, wedding, you named your kids even before you were even 16? Would you raise your hands up high ladies? Hands up all over the place. Gentlemen, how many of you, by the time you were 16, you dreamed of getting married and being intimate with your future wife twice a day and three times on Sunday? Gentlemen, would you raise your hands up high? Men and women, could I see a show of hands, how many of you are still dreaming today? Hands go up all over the place! The reality is, when it comes to romantic love our world is very confused, isn't it? What we often tell just through stories and examples, we teach our young girls, one day, if you play your cards right, you are going to meet the one. Your prince charming is going to come and sweep you off of your feet, and everything is going to be perfect from that moment forward. You'll get the house and the white picket fence, and the dog, and the 2.5 kids, and you are going to live happily ever after. But the reality is, happily ever after doesn't come in so many marriages. What we are going to do is we are going to look today at a very unusual story. In fact, it's kind of got some weird twist that we won't go deeply into about a couple, or actually three people that were having this deal going. If you know the story in the Old Testament, Jacob sees this beautiful girl, Rachel. He was like, Oh my goodness, I've got to have this girl. And then, her older sister gets involved through a weird series of events and to be honest, they don't appear to live happily ever after. I will give you the context. Jacob traveled to a well. At the well, there he saw his Uncle Laban's daughter, Rachel, and she was drop-dead gorgeous. So immediately, probably because of her appearance, he falls in love with her. Now, if any of you are doing the math in your head, this was his uncle's daughter, which makes her his what? His cousin. They were all from the deep, back woods! So, he's seeing his cousin, and he is falling in love with her. He's thinking to himself most likely, if I can just marry this gal, then finally my life will have meaning. Now, I am reading a little bit into the story, and I will do that a few times, and each time I do I will tell you when I'm reading into the story. But, we can kind of put the puzzle pieces together and here's what we know. We know that Jacob never had the love of his father. So, those of you who never had the love of your father, or your father was gone or absent, or distant. You know what that does in your life. It creates a longing and an emptiness. We also know that Jacob lost the love of his mother. So, you can only imagine how that compounded what was going on inside. We also know that at this point in his life, he really didn't grasp the unconditional love of God. So, it is no wonder that when he sees this beautiful girl, he's probably thinking something along the lines of maybe that's my one. If I can just get married to her, then finally this marriage will fill the emptiness that I feel so deeply inside. In our world today, this happens all of the time, doesn't it? Maybe you were the girl, or you know the girl that just always felt inadequate and empty unless she had a boyfriend. If there wasn't a boyfriend, something was wrong. Or it could be the guy that has to have the smoking-hot girl, so that all of his buddies can think he's cool! "Oh man, you always get the girl, you're so cool!" "Oh, yea I am!" And he's got to have that girl, because without her he doesn't quite feel like he's who he should be. Or, it could be the middle-aged guy, that you know, who has had the faithful wife and the kids who thought it was great for all of those years. Then he gets bored with his job and doesn't feel handsome anymore and his hair is falling out and his gut is growing out, or whatever. So, he trades in his faithful wife for a younger girl, who is really nothing more than a commodity to make him feel powerful and desirable. "If I just have that marriage, then it will fill the emptiness that I feel so deeply inside." This is very likely what was going on in Jacob's mind. Verse 16-17, Genesis 29, we will start there. The story picks up and says this: Now Laban (that's good ole Uncle, Uncle Laban) had two daughters; the name of the older was Leah, and the name of the younger was Rachel. (So we have got Leah the older, and Rachel the younger). Verse 17 says, Leah had weak eyes, but Rachel was lovely in form, and beautiful. Now, may I speak frankly with you? What many Hebrew scholars will argue, is that this was a very polite way of saying that Leah was not attractive. When they say she had weak eyes, they don't contrast it with Rachel's eyes. They don't say Leah had weak eyes, but Rachel had strong eyes; she had 20/20 vision! They don't say that! What they are doing is they're contrasting the weak eyes; which again, some Hebrew scholars think that means there was some deformity with her eyes or her face, or whatever. But, they are saying she probably wasn't that attractive. But Rachel, they went on to say, was lovely in form and beautiful. Now, in the Hebrew, lovely in form can literally be translated like this: That's what it means, lovely in form, she had a good body and she's beautiful! The reason I know this, is in seminary, I specialized in studying Hebrew. I'm weak in Greek, but I really studied Hebrew a lot. So what I did, I studied the original language in detail and I reconstructed most likely, based on the original language, what these two women looked like. Here's Leah, this is the older one, she probably looked like this (shows picture). The younger beautiful one, Rachel, most likely looked a lot like this (shows picture). That happens to be my smokin'-hot wife, my bride, who is lovely in every way! Yes, I am no idiot! I just got brownie points, of which I will redeem as soon as humanly possible! Now, I'm just totally messing about all that! But, here is what I do want to say. Just from a personal standpoint, I would never undervalue the importance of physical attraction, because I believe the way God made us to be attracted to your spouse is a good thing. But, I believe in our world today, it is far most often overvalued. Especially in our over-sexed, over-externally driven world, where the external is often elevated to the highest point over and over and over again and this is just flat wrong. In fact, as we dig through this story, we are going to find that it heavily implies that the older, less attractive was really the far superior person of the two. But, so often today all that matters is how do they look? Are they successful? What does the outside look like? In reality, if we look carefully at this story, that's about all Jacob knew. He sees her, she's smokin' hot, and he wants her! He's going to say that he's in love with her, after only spending a month at her father's house. In that culture, the parents wouldn't let the kids get together and spend much time. He did not know her, and yet he's claiming to be in love with her. He is attracted to her and that's about all. Still important, but not everything. I bumped into a gal that I've known for awhile, I kind of lost track of her and she had just gotten engaged and she was doing the 'ring thing'! That's what I call it when the girl comes up and (makes noise)! She had a ring. The 'ring thing'! And she's showing me her ring and going crazy about her guy! I'm like, "Oh, I'm happy for you, tell me about him." She's like, "Oh his eyes are gorgeous! He's got these blue eyes and I just melt in them! He's gorgeous!" I'm like "Great, what else?" She's like, "Oh, and he's handsome, and he is successful." I'm like, "Great, well tell me about him, spiritually tell me about him. What's his salvation story?" She's like, "Well, he doesn't like to talk about those things....but his eyes!" I'm like, "Wait, wait, wait! You've been a Christian your whole life?" She's like, "Oh yeah, I love Jesus!" "And you are all pumped about his eyes and his career, but spiritually you are not compatible?" She's like, "Well, I am hoping that will come after we are married, but he's just so..." I said, "Woe, woe, just a second! Okay, you guys want to have kids together?" "Oh yeah, we'll have lots of kids. Well, we haven't talked about that, but I want to have lots of kids!" Okay good, I can see where this is going! I said, "Think about this, you've got a baby. Let's say your baby is really, really sick, really sick, and you want your husband, spiritual lead and head of the home, man of God, to pray for your son. And you ask him to pray for your baby. Is he going to pray?" "Uh, I don't know!" "So basically, what he can do is look at the sick baby, who is maybe about to die and blink his beautiful blue eyes at him." I was like, "Are you serious that you are going to go and try to build a marriage on the external only?" And yet, that happens almost all of the time. This is very likely what was going on with Jacob. He is thinking, my whole life is empty. If I can just marry this one, then my life is finally going to matter. I would like to just submit to you today that for so many, that premise that marriage is the answer, marriage is what I need; is the very reason why you are not achieving what God wants you to have today. Three problems when we wrongly believe that marriage is the answer. The first one if you are taking notes, is this: 1) WHEN YOU BELIEVE MARRIAGE IS THE ANSWER, YOU COMPROMISE MORE THAN YOU SHOULD. You give up some things that are important to you, or important to God, in the pursuit of that one person who will satisfy you. Verse 18, here is what we see: Jacob goes up to the father, Laban the Uncle, and says, I'm in love with Rachel. And so he says, I will work for you.. (for how long?) He says, "I'll work for you for seven years in return for your younger daughter." Now for some of you, you might say, well that's really offensive. It kind of is, but in that culture, what would happen is that a man would purchase his bride with money, livestock, or with work. You may say, well that's incredibly romantic, he offers seven years. In some ways, yes it is romantic. In other ways, it's insane; because what he did, is his very first offer was almost four times the normal offer, insane. I mean, and a good, negotiating guy would offer low and try to get her faster! But, he says seven years. Basically, if you read between the lines, you've got a guy who's saying, I will do anything for her! I will do anything! I'll give up more than I should. Which is the very same thing people do all of the time today. Sweet girl who says, I want to save my body until I'm married, meets cute guy that she wants to marry. He pushes her sexually, and so she is like, well, I'd rather not, but if I give him my body, maybe he will give me his heart. She compromises. Or perhaps, she's dating some guy who is really just a jerk and doesn't treat her well. But, she's been taught, if I can just get married. My clock is ticking and I am almost 30 and all of my friends are married. I love them but I hate them, because they are all married and I'm not! He's not that great to me, but if I marry him, maybe he will change. She compromises again. Or, she's a strong Christian, and she's dating a guy who is not very spiritual. He's like, "Come on and let's do it!" And she is like, "No! You've got to go to church with me." And I went, "Okay, I will go to church. That's all, I will go to church." So she is compromising, because he is compromising, and reality neither one means something. Or, it's the guy who wants to impress the girl who is rather shallow. So he goes into debt to buy her all these things and puts the image on, so that hopefully she will be attracted to him, but it's not real. It's compromising more than you should. I'll work seven years, it would only have to be two, but I will work seven, because I will do anything to have this one that will finally make me feel valuable. When marriage is your answer, you will compromise more than you should. The second thing, if you are taking notes is this: 2) WHEN WRONGLY MARRIAGE IS YOUR ANSWER, YOU TEND TO BECOME VERY DEMANDING. You become very demanding. That's exactly what Jacob did. Verse 21. He had worked his seven years, which is amazing. Then Jacob said to Laban, "Give me my wife. My time is completed, and I want to lie with her." I did my part, now send her over here to do her part. You see how shallow this is? Again, in the original Hebrew language, what he is saying is, let me just be honest with you; it's not polite, it's not honoring, it's not tender, that's a very gentle translation. What he is saying is very dishonoring to the father and to the daughter. Give her to me, I did my part, now she is going to do hers. Quite honestly, this is what happens in so many marriages today. Rather than being a covenant where we lay down our lives, the marriage erodes into a contract. I deliver this, therefore you deliver this. As soon as that happens, our expectations of each other rise, and all of a sudden we are dissatisfied because they never live up to these expectations. I mean, it can happen in any number of ways. Sex, quite honestly, is a common place. You know, I'm doing this for you, so baby, you do this for me! Well, I will withhold that from you. And on and on. It could be, some of you men, you are married to a demanding wife. You move to a new city, she didn't want to go there and she's like, well, were there; now you are making your extra money so buy me something! If I don't have this house, whatever! Or, the lady is just nitpicky about every little don't, you never, you aren't! I see some of you elbowing each other! Do not do that right now! That is not legal! Don't elbow while I'm talking about this! Save it until the ride home, okay? I'm serious, all of your elbows flying everywhere okay! Women can be demanding and they can have all of these expectations which go uncommunicated, because women expect men to know. Let me just tell you ladies, we don't know! We don't know what you don't tell us! Even if you tell us slowly, we may miss it, because we are men and that is just what we have to live with. Or it could be, he's very demanding. I know so many working moms, and they work, work, work, work, work. They are exhausted. They come home, husband comes home; "Where's my dinner?" She's like, "Where's my dinner?" He's demanding. Or what can be even worse, some of you may be a stay at home mom and he comes home at the end of the day. "So, it must be nice sitting around the house doing nothing today, ha?" You're like going, "I'm going to kill you in the name of Jesus right now!" He's like, "Draw me a bath and get me some grapes!" Obviously I'm exaggerating some, but in marriage that's often what we do. Quite honestly, Amy can be demanding of me. I've always bragged on her, but she has a lot of needs. I'm always coming home and she says, "Come on over here you big stud, it's time!" I'm like, "Not again, not again, please!" I mean, especially on the weekends when I'm tired. All I want in the evening is someone to hold me, that's all I want! I can't even keep a straight face! I'm so full of it! But, you know, I have found on a more honest note, that I can be incredibly demanding. She serves me so faithfully. Just recently, I preached all weekend, got on a plane on Monday, flew to Denver. Spoke in Denver, got on a plane Tuesday, flew to Germany. Got there Wednesday, went to an event Wednesday night, spoke a couple of times on Thursday. Back on a plane, tried to get home on Friday. Had to go to a different airport and slid home, because the weather was bad. Came home exhausted. She had all of these things that were already planned and I was like, "Well, aren't you ready for me? The hero's home, spend some time with me!" She's like, "I've got things going on!" "You what? I've been out hunting and slaying dragons and I'm home! Isn't there a party?" She's like, "I've got a life!" I'm like, I'm your life! What I found is that even in a good marriage, it's so easy for us to say I did my part, now you do yours; when you really believe that your spouse is the one who should meet all of your needs. You compromise more than you should. 2) You become demanding. 3) WHEN YOU THINK THAT MARRIAGE IS YOUR ANSWER, YOU WILL ALWAYS END UP DISSATISFIED; ALWAYS. You will always end up dissatisfied. Some people, they enter marriage with so many expectations, that there is no way that any one person could ever fulfill them all. What you've done is you have essentially set up your spouse for guaranteed failure. That is what was going on in this story. In fact, let me just catch you up to speed and then we will look at a couple of verses. Jacob was like, I've got to marry this girl, she's beautiful. He works the seven years, they go to have the wedding. The uncle was sitting there thinking, I've got a problem. Okay, my oldest daughter, Leah; it's tradition to marry off the oldest daughter first. He wants the young one, this is going to throw this whole thing off, she is not as attractive, I need to get her married. So, in the wedding feast of this time, they were big, often seven day parties. Chances were pretty good that there was a lot of alcohol. Chances are better than average that Jacob had been celebrating. He is about to get the bride he has been working for and chances are pretty good he was toasted. The uncle was probably looking at this thing strategically and going; okay, he's wasted and he's not going to know what I'm about to do. So, he takes this big, fat bridal veil and puts it over his oldest, ugly daughter. Then he puts this full length dress on and says, you go on in there into the marriage chamber and you kind of seal the deal and then you will be married to him, and she did. Here's how the story reads in verse 23: When evening came, Laban took his daughter Leah and gave her to Jacob, and Jacob lay with her...When morning came, there was Leah! (Everybody say, Oh! That's what he said! Okay, he woke up and he was like oh! Maybe that has happened to some of you before, I don't know. It's like, where's the makeup? You know whatever! You know, this is not what I was planning on! So, he freaks!) The Bible says, he said to Laban, "What is this you have done to me? I served you for Rachel, didn't I? Why have you deceived me?" (This isn't fair!) Here's the bottom line. This is going to happen to you anytime you think someone else can meet all your needs. Whenever you believe that marriage is the answer, you are going to think that you've gone to bed with Rachel, but you're always going to wake up with Leah. Dead serious. If you think that someone can meet all of your needs, you are going to go into marriage thinking that they are going to meet them all. But, when you wake up, you are always going to go, ha? Because no person can meet all of the needs you have. What's interesting is that Leah was really doing the same thing. Again, I am reading into this, but think about this. She's like, I'm older, he's stable; if I go in and give my body to this guy, maybe he'll love me. Or, maybe she was thinking, once he gets to know me, he will love me. So, she willingly deceives him and goes into enter the marriage chamber with a guy that did not really want her. Her story is so many people's stories, as you watch throughout this marriage as she tries thing after thing, hoping and thinking, if I do this, surely he will love me now. Watch as it plays out in verse 31-32, the saddest verses in this whole story: When the Lord saw that Leah was not loved, he opened her womb, but Rachel was barren. Leah became pregnant and gave birth to a son. She named him Reuben, for she said, "It's because the Lord has seen my misery." (And with the birth of this son, she says,) "Surely my husband will love me now." Those words just break my heart. Surely he will love me now. Surely she will love me now. If I give him children, maybe our marriage will work. If I make more money and buy her the whatever she wants, maybe our marriage will work. If I have the surgery and give him what he wants, maybe he will be attracted to me then. If we have the lifestyle, the whatever, surely he or she will love me then. But, he didn't love her. I want to pause for a moment and ask the question; what's missing in this whole story? From the start up to now, what is missing? I will answer it. There is no evidence of prayers. There is no evidence of anyone seeking God. There is no evidence of any faith. There is no evidence of any spiritual connection. As far as we can see, it's all based on what I want out of you. They were searching for the one. The problem is, they were searching for the wrong one. I want to revisit a driving thought that we have actually studied before, and I believe it's very appropriate for this study. This is what we have been taught from the time we were born by culture, and it's very, very true. If you are taking notes, we have been taught and conditioned to believe this true statement; that to really be fulfilled in life, you have to find the one. The way we interpret this is, we have got to find the perfect one, Mr. Right, Mrs. Right. If we can just find the one, we will be happy. If we can meet and marry the one, we will be happy. So, boy meets girl, maybe this is the one, I mean, he's cute and maybe he's the one. I love her personality, maybe she's the one, maybe she's the one. But the better thing to say when you meet someone of the opposite sex that you think could be the person to marry; instead of saying, I think perhaps I've met the one, the even better thing to say is; Oh my goodness, wow! When we get together there is spiritual energy and she is a follower of Christ and I'm a follower of Christ, and there is this powerful, intimate connection with God. I'm not sure, but I think I met have just met the....two! Because to really be fulfilled of life, you have to meet the one, but you can never ever forget, if you're taking notes, that God is always your One, and your spouse is your two. To really be fulfilled in life; oh, it's absolutely true, you have to meet the One. What did Jesus say? Most important thing ever. What's the one big command above all else? To make God your One, to love the Lord your God with all of your heart and mind, and soul, your strength, and your neighbor as yourself. The one big one is to love God. What do you need to do if you want everything else in the world to work out? You seek first the One, to seek first God, and His kingdom, and His righteousness, and then everything else will be added unto you. To really have the kind of marriage that God wants you to have, you have to know the One. And the reason why so many of you are saying, if only I did this he would love me and I am so dissatisfied; is because in your marriage, God is not truly the One. You can be a Christian and God not be your One. You are not living and putting Him first. This story is admittedly complex. There is a whole part I am leaving out for the sake of time, involving another seven years and Rachel and such. You are welcome to read that. But, I want to focus for the next just couple of minutes on the end of the story with Leah, because we have been spending time with her. To catch you up, as we move to the end of the story. She had three sons, each time thinking this will make him love me. She goes on to have a fourth one, but something is different this time. Verse 35, the Bible says: She conceived again, and when she gave birth to a son she said, (This time something is going to be different. I didn't know God before, or I wasn't giving Him credit before, or whatever); "This time I will praise the Lord." (Last time I didn't, the previous three times I didn't, but this time something is different, I will praise the Lord.) So she named him Judah. Then she stopped having children. Genesis 29:32-32. This time I will praise the Lord. What is amazing about this son, Judah? Well, here's the deal; it was Leah, the older one, not Rachel the younger, beautiful one that was the mother of Judah, through whom centuries later, the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, would one day be born. Proving once again in Scripture, that out of something that did not start right, God brought one of the most beautiful miracles in the history of the world. I want you to hear this. If your marriage did not start right, or is not right today, if there are two seeking One, anything is possible. Anything is possible, anything is possible. I'm telling you, it is possible. You say, where do I start? Here's the best thing to do. If you are married today, grab the hands of your spouse, you may have never prayed together, and not known how to pray and just pray this: God, teach us to make You our One, and start there. You watch as you join hands, and start seeking Him first, there is no telling what good things God can bring out of something that doesn't look so beautiful today. Because to really be fulfilled in life, you have to find the One, and don't ever forget, God is your One, and your spouse is your two. Father, we ask that you would do a work in so many hurting people. God, I know there are marriages that are just strained deeply and some have been burned in bad marriages and just don't have hope. I pray in the next four weeks, this would be a time of hope and that your Holy Spirit would do a healing work. Here's what I want you to do, nobody looking around. Those of you that are not married, maybe you are young and still have your future out in front of you, or maybe you are down the road and you've been hurt a few times and you are not even sure you could marry a great two. But, you'd like to know that, you'd like to have hope for a Godly marriage one day. Would you lift up your hands right now, I just want to pray for you. "I'd love to have a Godly marriage one day." God, I thank you for those who are thinking ahead, and I thank you that this series will help build a foundation for them. I pray God, that when it's so easy to make marriage an idol, "I've got to have this," I pray that we would make you first in every way. And then God, at the right time as we are pursuing you, that we would look up to the right or left and see that special someone pursuing you at the same pace and then we would know, you brought our two and it's because of you. Then God, that we realize we could serve you better with them than we could alone. We get married for that reason, because we want to glorify and honor you, our One. Give them hope for that God, give them hope! But don't let it be an idol. God, I pray that you would be enough in this season in their lives with the faith for the good things that you have to come. As you are still praying today, those of you that are married and would say; "You know, maybe I have put too much on my spouse. Maybe it's not quite been fair. Maybe as hard as we've tried, and as much as I've wanted it, God is not really the One in my marriage, and I want Him to be the One. I want the kind of marriage that God wants." Would you lift up your hands right now, those of you who would say, "That's me." I'm hoping there is more of you than that right now, I really do! Lift them up! Lift them up with your spouse, just put them up together! Praise God for you. I pray God that you would do miracles. I pray God that we would learn to put you first. That we wouldn't be marriages of a contract, where we basically stay together for the kids, but we would be a spiritual home. God, that we would create a spiritual legacy for generations to come. God, I pray for the men. That you would cause them to rise up to be the spiritual leaders that you want them to be, to be the pastors of their household. God, I thank you for a spirit of unity as the wives, created beautifully by you, to serve together with their husband, to nurture the kids kids in the ways of the Lord. God, I pray against all of the attacks of the evil one. God, I ask today, that there would just be prayers that would be prayed and even if they don't know how to pray, God teach us to make you the One. I believe on that one simple faith-filled prayer, God that you can begin a healing process and something, miracle after miracle, could come out of marriages that are not where they should be today. God, we believe that's possible. We believe it's possible. As you are still praying today, I want all of you to listen carefully, because there are many of you that God brought here specifically for this moment, because you have been on a search for a long time. You've been searching for something. Like Jacob, you've been empty and you thought a relationship; a thing, a house, a car, more money, an experience, something, something is going to fill that emptiness I feel inside. The reason you tend to search in this world is because we are born sinners, all of us, we have a sin nature. Our sin takes our focus off of God and it moves it toward the things of this world, and we wrongly believe that something in this world is going to fill that void that that we feel so deeply. Let me tell you right now, there is nothing in this world that can do it. What you are doing is you are trying to fill a God-shaped void with anything but God. God is not your one. God loved you so much that He sent His One and only Son, Jesus, who lived a sinless life, and out of love and obedience to His Father, He died the most brutal death on the cross. He shed His blood, He died. And the miracle is God raised Him from the dead so that anyone who calls on His name would be saved and forgiven. Jesus is the risen Son of God, and He wants to be your Savior. Even more than that, He wants to be your Lord. What does that mean? That means He's the King, He's the ruler, He's the leader. That means He's the One, He's the One, He's the One. You can call yourself a Christian all day long. You can believe in God and believe in Jesus, but if He's not your One, there is something wrong. I want you to ask yourself, is He truly your One? All of our campuses, there are those of you that God brought here specifically for this moment, because He's not your One and today He will become that. At all of our locations, those of you who would say, I recognize it, I'm being drawn to God today, He's not my one today; I will surrender my life. It will no longer be about me, my wants, my dreams, my needs. I am going to pray to Jesus to forgive me, to save me, and to put Him on the throne of my life. He will, from this day forward be the One, my Savior and my Lord. If that's you today, at all of our campuses, that would say "Yes! I surrender wholly unto Him, my complete life. Jesus save me and be the Lord of my life!" Would you lift your hands up high right now, lift them up now and leave them up. I want to just meet you eye-to-eye. A bunch of you, all three of you right here together, praise God for you! Both of you right over here, others, I want to look you in they eye. Sir, right back here, bless you sir. Right back over here, both of you here, praise God for both of you beautiful ladies. Right over here as well, I want to meet you in the eyes, "Jesus transform me!" God bless you both. Others of you, who would say, "Me too, count me in!" Right back over here, right over there, God bless you, here in this section. Would you pray, all of our campuses, everybody aloud, pray. Heavenly Father, save me from my sins. You fill me with everything that matters. My life is no longer my own. I repent of all my sins and trust Jesus to not only save me, but to be my One. I give my life only to Him. Fill me with your Spirit so I can serve you. My life is different, it is not my own, it belongs to you. From this moment forward, I am yours, you are the One for which I live. Thank you for new life, now you take mine, in Jesus Name I pray. Church, you better worship! You better explode with worship! Welcome those today born into God's family. Congratulations to those of you!

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Once Upon a Marriage - Week 1 - Craig Groeschel -

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