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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 14/15

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Now this, isnt that amazing! That is actually called a (...) its not a whale penis. Contrary to your belief. It is actually a mellon. And you know those little hot peppers, right? Those little hot "oh Jesus!" or maybe you really like them and you are a saddist And "Oh this is F***ing great and..." I shouldn't have swear, I'm sorry. Edit that part of the video... "oh this is wonderful!" OK. Here is.. Let's look at some hot peppers. Let's look at some hot peppers. That's a lot bigger than they are supposed to be. That's amazing stuff. So, is this the source of all life, is all life found in an energy wave? Well, check this out. There is Dr. James Strick's "Sparks of Life" Major scientific conspiracy in the nineteen century, many of these guys were arguing in favor of Darwing random mutation and others arguing for expontaneous generation, life from non living things. They didn`t know whether it was one or the other. They found numerous experimental examples of spontaneous generation. Pasteur had cases where life originated from non living things, so its not as easily dismissed as we would like to believe. Louis Pasteur is why you have "Pasteurized" milk. All of these guys created a conspiracy where they buried data where you have sterelized test tubes where nothing could grow in there, and critters grew in it anyway. And they threw all away because they wanted to believe Darwin was right. Cause "Survival of the fittest" is an illuminati philosophy that says "if I´m the best killer then I´m the most evolved on the planet". That´s how they felt about themselves so they enforced it into the sceintific world structure. History has completely been rewritten in favor of that model. So now, this is a big mouthful. And here is the guy´s name which is also a big mouthful. Professor Pacheco. You can find this on "". Its very simple. What he did, is he takes beach sand, puts it inside a test tube and then... before that, he takes beach sand and he heates it up to white hot luminescense It is literrally white hot. He takes that sterilized beach sand, and he throws into a sterelized test tube with sterilized distilled water in a vacumm so there is no way anything could´ve gotten in there. Five days later this scum has grown on top the test tube. He screapes it off and looks at it under a microscope. Would you like to see some of the little things that he saw in there? Let´s go for it. This is the first one, it looks like a little brain. Here is something that looks like it might be part of perhaps a sea vegetable, like one of the leaves broke off when you put it under a microscope. Let´s look up close on that little guy and tell me if you think this is biological. Where did its DNA come from? all there was was sand. There was nothing more in there. He sterilized the sand, sterilized the water, sterilized the air and yet this little critter grew in there. And that´s just part of a bigger plant. There is other pictures where you see the plant. Here is another one that looks like a red blood cell. Here is one that looks like a white blood cell, or a leucocite. But here comes, drum roll please, the bomb diggy it This little guy probably has 20 to 30 thousand genes which is about the same as you. Its similar to little ground worms and stuff. This guy has a very complex DNA structure because he has a defense system he has a head, he has a mouth, he probably secretes out here somewhere which too much information. But there it is. His DNA is in space, it´s everywhere. The DNA wave says, "Oh, this is the silicon basis of sand, I need to build little sea creatures in this stuff." Just like when´s inside the nuclear reactor it says "Oh this is radioctive. I need to build radioctive bacteria in here": Life is being created everywhere it goes. But it even goes beyond that. Now this really blew me away. Check this out. National Geographic, February fifteen, 2009. Found identical species at the north and south poles, but only at the poles, that is the only place you find them. They tried to explain that maybe there is ships that go from the South Pole to the North Pole, They analyzed every single ship in the world, none of them does this at all. So, they found 235 different species that are identical at both poles, they were startled, they didnt know what the heck was going on. This includes whales, worms and crustaceans, very weird ones as you are about to see. Exactly where did the species came from and how did they end up a world apart with comparatively warm oceans in between remains a mystery. They dont know what the heck these guys are, how they got there, they dont have any idea. Would you like to see some of these creatures that emerge from the consciousness field? Let´s go for it. They are very strange looking things. This one is called "Limacina Helicina" This is very strange. It looks kind of like a snail but its got these fans on it like a squid, its a very weird looking thing. This is called "Cilone Limacina Limacina" another very strange looking little creature. This one is "Gaettonus Bravispinous" " this is a crustacean of some kind. And lastly you have "Mimonecties sphericous" and he is got a little nasty looking defense system up front, doesn't he? He's a little badass! But he is out there doing his thing. And guess what created him. The consciousness of the Earth expontaneously generates this little guys at both poles. There is no conduit of sea water going from North Pole to South pole He would have burned up on the way through the core. Think about it. The reason why he is there is because the field generates him. Because he is supposed to be there because the earth makes him. The Earth has made us. So, the Solar System is creating evolution. DNA evolves by outside energy. I'm gonna have to skip ahead through all this stuff, so just give me a second here. We are gonna... That's a good place to go cause we are running out of time. So we have already seen now that you have DNA that's being created out of the "Aether" Same species at both poles. You've seen the little guys that grow in the test tube from nothing more than distilled water and sterilized sand and there is this little scum that grows on top, you look at the microscope and boom! Here is this little critters. What about DNA changing from one form into another? What about transforming DNA from one species to another so that you have the given genetic material of one species and then it transforms into something else? Well, Kanchzhen is the guy here. And there is a lot of different ways to pronunce his name, most recently I have seen it spelled "Chiang" C.H.I.A.N.G" is his first name. There is many different spellings of this guy's name which makes it extremely difficult to find his work on line, unfortunately. So what he does in this anatomically correct diagram is he's got your duck over here, you can see the feathers, the head, (quack) there it is. And over here you have a perfectly described chicken, obviously im being facetious. What you have here is this little funnels that are built into the side of the little pentagonal box and he zaps these little ducks with microwaves and all the microwaves go through these copper pipes from one room to another if you talk in here you'll hear in here, it's air that can pass through. He's zapping them with microwaves which are not gonna kill the duck, he just kind of zaps his energy field enough to make it resonate, make the DNA resonate. And over here you have a chicken that has eggs in its womb. So now I want you to look at the physiology of a duck, notice the long beak, the webbed feet, the longer neck, the larger internal cavity or organs, whereas a chicken by comparison... This is not what they looked like when the came out by the way, that's just to fool you. I actually found this when I was looking for the picture of the chicken with the webbed feet and I found it with ducks and her with ducks, and I'm like "WOW, isn't that a synchronicity!" So anyway, look; shorter beak, no webbing between the toes. This is what actually hatched, these a called "duck-hens". You see webbing between the toes, you see the strange looking head, we can get a better look at it here. The eyes position is different, you get duck shaped head, the longer beak, the webbing between the toes. Now here is the stats. He is up to total a 500 eggs, 480 of them hatched, 80 per cent had a flat duck head like you just saw, 90 per cent had a shift in the position of their eyes, 90 per cent! and 25 per cent had webbing appearing between the toes. This is a Chinese scientist who did this, this is an amazing piece of research, you go from this and you blend it with this and you get duckhens that are half and half. Its an amazing phenomenon. So, have you ever wondered what the heck is the duck-billed platypus? Maybe it just so happes that a bunch of ducks and a bunch of moles got together and did that which we cannot speak of in polite company and god got so angy that he smithed them with a lighting bolt and then had lots of little babies and the babies are like "Baddy, mommy, oh wow! what the hell am I?" That could've been what happened, or maybe god just has a weird sense of humor. Garaiev is where we get to the final point, this is gonna help round up the whole talk, DNA transformation. You have frog eggs, OK? The frog eggs are laid. They are all sitting there and then you have a salamander's eggs and you take a laser beam that is not going to burn them, its not gonna kill them it just picks up the wave information from the salamander...

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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