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Aquarela - Toquinho

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On a spare of paper I draw a yellow sun With 5 or 6 lines is easy to create a castle I run the pencil around my hand to create a glove If I bring the rain on then with two strokes I can have an umbrella If a tiny drop of ink falls onto a little piece of blue paper I instantly imagine a beautiful seagull flying in the sky It flies Going around the hemisphere from north to south I follow it on a trip to Hawaii, Beijing or Istanbul I paint a blank sailing ship, there is so much sky and ocean in a blue kiss From within the clouds there comes a beautiful airplane painted in pink and plum everything around it being painted the airplane's lights are flashing all you need to do is to imagine that the airplane is taking off, peacefully flying away and if we want it is going to land On a spare piece of paper I draw a departing vessel Among good friends, drinking and having a good time I can jump from one continent to another in a second I move a compass and I create the world with a circle A boy walks and walking he gets to a fence And just ahead, waiting for us, there is the future And the future is a spaceship that we try to fly There is no time, no mercy, no hour to arrive Without asking us, change our life and then invite us to laugh or to cry On this road we are not allowed to know what comes ahead Nobody knows for sure where it gets to We are all on a beautiful walkway on an aquarelle that, one day will fade away On a spare sheet of paper I draw a yellow sun (which will fade away) With 5 or 6 lines is easy to create a castle (which will fade away) I move a compass and I create the world with a circle (which will fade away)

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Duration: 4 minutes and 46 seconds
Country: Brazil
Views: 340
Posted by: pajadorls on Oct 30, 2009

Music Aquarela, from Brazilian musician Toquinho.

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