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UVU ROTC Program

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As a cadet I go to a... a military science class that I usually will go to a PT class of a to exercise. Then on Thursdays we could have a lab that we'll practice those things when were in military science class. With the training activity with outdoors we try to a... incorporate ARMY training and we throw paintball and then we do s... ah combat wire survival training at the pool, BYU. We go to the repel tower a... and for our grand finale we do an FTX- Field Training Exercise at the end of this term here. With a... three other Universities. We do the... the physical side the... the PT the Physical Training. We do ah labs where you get to practice with learning military science classes like paintball. We get to go weapons while we get to shoot different types of weapons. We get to do a... land mav, get to a... repel, ride in helicopters all... all sorts of good stuff. Rational environment is very fun. It's usually pretty laid back. You have a... awesome cadre that will... are friendly, easy to approach. That you could ask questions too. They'll teach you about different things and military aspects... patrols, how to set up an ambush, how to do up an op order, things like that. The fun wise, let's see... you know the great thing about this program is a lot of these guys, girls, come from... there not from this area. So come from out of states and there by themselves. They join the program, a...they start forming a bond with all the other students. So you could see them start socializing. Not just doing the classes, but see they do after school activities whether this is going to...maybe a club, but mostly having pizza parties at their house. Doing video games, a... they go out for the... sport teams out here and... and competing against other teams, for an example. That would...(fades out)

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Posted by: aroutly242 on Nov 5, 2008

Life of a cadet at Utah Valley University.

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