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Joanna Macy – Three Dimensions of the Great Turning

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global oneness project Three Dimensions of the Great Turning Now, it's really important to learn to see The Great Turning because it is not being reported in mainstream media. Joanna Macy - San Francisco, California - Eco-philosopher and Activist It's not on the front page of the "New York Times" and in the evening news. So you have to have detecting ability, and it helps to recognize, realize, that The Great Turning is occurring in three dimensions. We can remember them in terms of parts of our body. One dimension, the most visible, we can connect with our hands. That is that dimension of The Great Turning where we say, "Enough. Enough is enough. No more mountaintop removal." "No more military development." "No more subprime mortgages," etc., etc. This is the dimension which is often understood as activism. It's those activities that slow down the devastation being wrought by the industrial growth society. After all, it cannot help being destructive because it needs to turn the living body of Earth into commodities and profits and extract more swiftly than the Earth can renew and dump more than the Earth can absorb. So it is by nature a self-destructive system. This dimension of The Great Turning is slow down the deforestation, slow down the walls built dividing our neighborhoods and countries, slow down the terror, the imprisonment, slow down the building of more penitentiaries, slow down the contamination of our food, slow down the destruction of habitat. In this dimension there is such play for courage and fierceness of heart and a good sense of companionship as you link arms with your brothers and sisters. But that's not all because even if every one of those actions should succeed, which they don't--in case you haven't noticed, most of them fail. You spend most of your time looking for money or trying to-- The second is those structures and ways of doing things that are sustainable in themselves. This is the creation of new ways of holding the land, new ways of growing food, new ways of building green buildings, new ways of computing prosperity and wealth, new ways of generating energy. So there is this tremendous scope for creativity in this dimension of The Great Turning, and I don't think there's ever been a time in the history of humanity when so many new things are just popping up. I go like this because I think of them as green shoots coming up through the rubble of a dysfunctional civilization. Yeah, you can train yourself to see them. But that's not enough for The Great Turning. Even if all these actions succeeded, they would not be enough for this revolution. They will shrivel and die unless they are deeply rooted in our values, in what we see as real and important and how we see ourselves related to each other and to the living planet. And that dimension is-- We can mark that right here. That dimension is a shift in consciousness. So these three have been tremendously helpful to me because it reminds me that I don't have to do everything and that there are brothers and sisters engaged beyond my capacity to know in this blessed unrest, this largest social movement in human history. And behind it not only human efforts but there are evolutionary forces that have been moving us toward complexity and interrelatedness and consciousness since the beginning of space time. These forces are moving through us because this living Earth doesn't want complex life forms to disappear. We can give our lives for that. - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance

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