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Peppa Pig- Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party

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I'm Peppa Pig. This is my little brother George. This is Mummy Pig. And this is Daddy Pig. Peppa Pig. It is home time at Peppa’s playgroup. Children, next week, there won’t be any playgroup. Why, Madame Gazelle? I am going away. Goodbye, children. Goodbye, Madame Gazelle. Peppa and George are home from playgroup. Mummy, there is no more playgroup. No more playgroup? Madame Gazelle is going away. I suppose she has been teaching a long time. Madame Gazelle taught all the mummies and daddies when they were children. Madame Gazelle taught me everything I know. Who can count to three? One! Two! Three! Hee! Hee! Hee! Thinking about it, Madame Gazelle must be very old. Which is probably why she's decided to stop teaching. I know! We should give Madame Gazelle a leaving party. That sounds fun. It is the day of Madame Gazelle’s leaving party. Everyone has come to help. Pedro, you stay outside and tell us if Madame Gazelle’s coming along. Why? We don’t want Madame Gazelle catching us getting her party ready. Or it wouldn’t be a surprise! OK! I hope we've invited everyone. What about Madame Gazelle’s old friends? Wasn’t she once in a pop group? That’s right! She played guitar! With the Rocking Gazelles. Hello, Rocking Gazelles? Hello, Madame Gazelle is leaving the playgroup. Gigi leaving? How sad! We are having a party. A party? What fun! We’ll be there! Good. Everyone’s coming. Now, let’s make the party food. This is the playgroup kitchen. Everyone is helping with the party food. Emily Elephant and Wendy Wolf are decorating cupcakes. I’ll do the icing. I’ll sprinkle the Peppa and George are making jelly. Wobbly jelly! Wobble, wobble, wobble. Pedro Pony is outside, keeping guard. Here comes Madame Gazelle. Madame Gazelle is coming.

We are not ready. Stop her, Pedro. OK! Hello, Pedro. You are early for playgroup. Yes! Don’t go inside! Why not? It’s a nice day outie, isn’t it? Er…yes, Pedro. Can I go inside now? Oh, no! It’s against the law. What are you talking about, Pedro? We’re ready. You can go in now. Surprise! For she's a jolly good fellow, And so say all of us. Hooray! Here is a present for you! An antique clock. It’s made of solid plastic. Thank you. But why is there a party for me? Everyone wanted to thank you for being the best teacher in the world. So we’ve made you a leaving party. Because you are going away forever! I’m not going away forever. But you said there was no more playgroup. Oh, Peppa. All I said was no playgroup next week! I’m going on holiday. I will be teaching for many years to come. Who else could be the teacher? No one! I’m very happy. Madame Gazelle is not leaving. Yes, and I can’t think of a better reason for a party. And every party needs music. Oh, ha ha. The rocking Gazelles! Hello, Gigi. Have you still got your guitar? Of course! Let’s Rockety Rock!

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Posted by: natalialzam on Oct 5, 2014

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