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Queso Crema

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(Program Announcer) Cadena tres, the most open television ever. (Chef) Thanks a lot boys, good morning and for all the people that follow us. (Chef) Many greetings, I have been asked for how to make cream cheese butter frosting. (Chef) This frosting is good for cupcakes, carrot cake, chocolate cake, vanilla cake. (Chef) For any cake you want is perfect and easy. (Chef) In your screen, you will see the ingredients, write them down. It will be your favorite. (Chef) 1 stick of cream cheese, smooth please. (Chef) 1 stick of butter. (Chef) 1 tablespoon of vanilla. (Chef) We also required a little amount of peanut that we will put over the cupcakes, they will be delicious. (Chef) The secret of this frosting is to remove the butter and the cream cheese from the refrigerator (Chef) 2 hours before until you need it to be soft. (Chef) Let’s get started. (Chef) Pour the butter, it could be margarine too without any problem.

(Chef) Of course that with butter it´s better. (Chef) This frosting has a delicious consistence so let’s smooth in with a spatula, (Chef) and here we have to add the cream cheese too, it is soft now. (Chef) The cream cheese could be light, there is no problem about that. (Chef) So, with an electric mixer, you will start to mix. (Chef) Look how easy it is to do it, it’s delicious, (Chef) special for the cupcakes we are going to do today of chocolate with peanuts. (Chef) In your day off, bake so the house will smell delicious and you will surprise the kids. (Chef) Add 3 tablespoons of sugar and a little amount of vanilla. (Chef) You can add lemon zest, orange zest and also cinnamon, nutmeg, and whatever you want. (Chef) We now have our frosting ready and you can put it in a plastic bag or in a pastry sleeve. (Chef) Hi! (Elias) How are you? Good morning. I want to put in my finger but it’s nasty. (Chef) Of course not, do it. (Elias) My mom gave me slaps in my hand. (Chef) Well, yesterday was children day.

(Elias) Luis Elias, get out of here, and she slap me in the hand for doing that. (Chef) There you go, kid Elias, taste it. (Elias) Let’s see. (Elias) It taste like lemon. (Chef) Delicious right? (Chef) It is the sour of the cream cheese. (Elias) Delicious, so delicious. (Elias) How I miss my Martita, we could taste it together. (Chef) Where is Martita? (Elias) We send her kisses, she is working hard. (Elias) When someone is a productive writer. (Chef) Yes. (Elias) It came these things that she have to make triumphal tours. *COMMERCIAL BREAKS*

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