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TG1 - Speciale TG1-1

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In a Paralelní polis coffee we met the founder of a new nation: Liberland. Which is between Serbia and Croatia and it's s real territory on Balkans let's see the map: Liberland is a "start up nation", a new 7km2 self-proclaimed country It is between Serbia and Croatia a territory was not claimed by either of them If you want to change something, instead of fighting the existing system you must create a new model to make the old one obsolete Jedlicka is building on Liberland's terrain in Europe and his wife Jana jokes saying: "I'm the first Lady" But for now, it is challenging to live there in fact even if they're creating a SPA, there are no structures to protect yourself from cold. We're going there in Summer... because Liberland is a decentralized and distributed nation. He is also building other Liberlands as if it were a worldwide franchise one of them in Africa in a place with a stable political situation, nearby Somaliland The other one in Honduras; we've been in Israel, Palestine, Catalonia, and we will arrive in Italy soon where we already have 3 locations. We're trying to get us known and to promote technologies which support the decentralized governance. Do you actually think that Blockchain will be the third Internet revolution? Yes, definitely and it will also affect governance Also, the billionaire Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal, wants to create an indipendent floating Nation which is going to be in the Pacific Ocean with its own rules, laws and trade agreements. For hundreds of years people wanted to get rid of Governments and to create Utopian communities people always go up against needs like: security, protection, wellness that people have. It's OK when you are 20 years old, but then you get old, you get sick, insecurities grow... probably intentions are good, the ideas new for thinking about how a Government should be, but unavoidably these projects fail. Decentralized and distributed technologies are becoming a part of Liberland, they're based on Ethereum's Blockchain. With the president we enter in the community center. Our community is an overlap of Liberland and of an Anarcho-Capitalist movement we're nearly 10 thousand people in Czechoslovakia Here you buy everything just with cryptos. So if for example I want to buy a juice, i got to change my bills with Cryptos in an ATM as it Bitcoin has become a form of investment more than cash, here you often use other Cryptos like Litecoin and Monero, a completely anonymous Crypto that protects your privacy obscuring treaceability. Everyone is doing his own business. He doesn't care about rules imposed by ministers; that's why is called "parallel city". Also in Liberland you'll be able to use every Crypto Plus a coin called "Liberland Merit" to pay taxes. It will be available in April and it has been already presented in Mexico during a conference. In this community you pay with a chip under the skin of the hand I can use it to pay in Paralelnì polis, to give my Facebook address or other websites, to open the house or office door. A lot of these guys, became Millionaires in the last year because of Bitcoin raising price. Some of us believe that the State isn't necessary in any territory, we could be a Federal Union based on decentralization with distributed politics. A distributed worldwide system based on systems like Uber where everyone can join, Where everyone can have a private view on justice, and also diplomacy could be decentralized, the rule of State would be limited to its Brand: Liberland. Will national borders exist in future for you? People always thought at the end of Nations, they were born in recent times, but we still haven't created the new institutions that could have the functions of a State. Not even Europe has overcomed guarantees that Nations offer They would like to see a world with more transnational institutions but there still such a long way. But if you want to break down hierarchies, why are you Liberland's leader? Yes I am a leader for this organizational period, but in the end I will be just one of the shareholders. Citizens are going to govern themselves through direct democracy or through shares. Will you vote? Yes shareholders will cast their votes, but they need to get approval from the majority of citizens. In Liberland taxes are voluntary, more taxes you pay, the more you have a say. An important part of Liberland is that you can get the E-residence everywhere in the world. E-residency will allow you to open business and account easily into days. Nice the idea of a distributed system but to meet a founding father of Bitcoin, The "Bitcoin Jesus", network isn't enough And we need to pack again for flying 9000KM

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TG1 - Speciale TG1-1

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