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Gilberto Gil on Virtual Worlds and Second Life

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What is the role of virtual worlds in promoting intercultural dialogue and in reconnecting the linguistic diaspora? It is one of amplifying spaces. Generating another layer. A new noosphere. A new layer of knowledge, of information, of affectivity. New possibilities that Second Life AND the other tools being used on the Internet can offer. The diasporas... there are many. From the concrete diasporas, which are contained in the form of individuals, of nations, of societies in the world that had to migrate to other places. But, it is also a cultural diaspora, a linguistic diaspora, as you mentioned. There are languages, world visions, archives, cultural collections that migrated, that left their original places and were dispersed through the world. Re-connectability is one of the MOST important elements of this new electronic world especially in this new 'LOKA' ... in the Sanscrit sense of the world... it's a new planet. Virtual worlds such as Second Life can rebuild the world of the diasporas in a brand new way, in a more evolved and more advanced way, with other layers of connection that are not yet in real life, but that virtual worlds can offer, with chances of influencing real life itself in the future. Utopian territories... new utopias which can become the future... I think this is a basic principle guiding the exploration of such a concept: Turning furture virtual worlds such as Second Life, into a new stimulator, a new instructor, a new informer of real life. How do you see the possibilites of artists in general using such a platform to present their works? And, what about governmental programs like Cultura Viva and the Cultural Hotspots? To the artists... they are individuals, autonomous initiators, particularistic and absolutely free. They do what they want, think what they want, and they configure their profiles as they wish. Second Life is there, it is a very nice opportunity, the avatars, these doubles of artists will utilize that space in the way they want. Presenting their musical work, their alternative perspectives, which pehaps could not find space in the real world yet. There, in the virtual worlds, they will find open spaces, unlimited, where all experiences are possible. For a state, for initiatives of states and governments, virtual worlds such as Second Life should allow a broad adaptability. The space which is being institutionalized, in the case of Second Life, with the issues of private territories and more needs to be made compatible with another territoriality which is able to shelter state and governmental processes. There are requirements and questions... in this case, I think it is Second Life that has to adapt itself... obviously. I already have... I am starting to work on my first Second Life avatar. We are formating him, trying to imagine his moves. It is a very interesting project, that must be open to the great conceptual contributions that come from many places. I wish that all of you gathered out there, elaborating further on the possibilities of virtual worlds and Second Life... I wish you a fine meeting. Is it in Mexico? The virtual worlds here, in Mexico, and here in Brazil.

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Posted by: josemurilo on Sep 7, 2007

Interdependence Day 2007 - Mexico City

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