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UKIP Nigel Farage Exposes Elmar Brok MEP, March 2011

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They wanna build a global power. That's what it's about. I'll tell you a story about that, perhaps a bit of a story against myself cause I should behave better sometimes but there we are. It wasn't long after I'd been elected back in 1999. And I was hopping on a taxi to go out of the Brussels Airport. And they put with me in the car a German MEP caled Elmar Brok. And Elmar Brok, pretty fat chap with a bristling moustache, just been done for tax evasion in Germany with the European Parliament decided that that's OK. That's OK, he can claim immunity. Elmar Brok has been for twenty years a member, a chairman of the Foreign Affairs committee of the Parliament, he is very influential. Euro-federalist. A man, who of course coming from Germany, could never ever talk about his own country because of their guilt about the past But Elmar Brok is ramrod straight during the European anthem. Anyway, I'd been there a few weeks, got in the with Elmar Brok and off we went. And there was an absolutely stoning silence. And Brok sort of looking round at me and objecting to the fact that I had even been born, I think. And Elmar Brok said: "You're ruining everything, you're ruining it." I said: "No, Mr Brok, I had been put here by the settlement of the electorate who think you guys are wrong who think we should put all of this to free and fair referendums and if you win that's fine and if I win that's fine. But that's the way to settle this. He said: "You don't understand. None of us, Britain, France, Germany, none of us are big enough on our own to be the world's global superpower. We have to be biger than America, we have to be the number one." And it was wrong of me to say to the German: "I bet your grandfather said things like that." I just couldn't help it. There we are, there is an insight from somebody whose lived and breahted in these institutions This is what these people believe, this is what these people want. They are bloody dangerous people in my mind. 23/03/2011-EPP MEP Elmar Brok admits that procedure used to amend the EU treaty has been specifically chosen to avoid referendums President, colleagues, the European Stability Mechanism is necessary so that sustainable legal base is given to show solidarity to countries which are beset by problems and here we will also see guarantees put in place for the requisite budgetary discipline. This is something which could only be achieved on the basis of a simplified procedure simplified treaty revision procedure because of the length of time that a normal procedure would have taken up and to avoid referendums in certain Member States. and to avoid referendums in certain Member States. :: ::

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Posted by: mmister on Jul 16, 2013

UK Independence party MEP tells the story of sharing a taxi with Elmar Brok MEP to the airport. A true insight into the fascist mindset of Brok and the majority of others like him in the European parliament. Another example of the EU being Corupt and Anti-Democratic to the core.

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