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[rocket boom] [♪ Rocketboom opening theme music ♪] Hello and good Monday, May 12, 2008. I'm Joanne, and this is Rocketboom. JFK air guitar fetches $5,000 on eBay. This is a picture of Kennedy entertaining Soviet Premier Khrushchev with a peaceful, outer space rock ballad on his one of a kind air guitar. Note by the lefty neck, he probably also skated goofy footed. This is the only air guitar known to have been owned by U.S. President JFK. He was under constant stress from political rivals and upsets, so it's only natural he would have taken up playing air guitar. Free shipping. Something about stars that you can see that disappear where vantage point is everything. Which, according to the Universe Today, pretty much comes down to the end of humanity, the end of life, the end of Earth, the end of the sun, the milky way, all the stars and their matter, then whatever holds it -- photons and radiation -- until everything is absolute zero. On it's way to Mars. In two weeks, NASA hopes to have its next Mars land of Phoenix touch down on the red planet in the north polar region where it will dig deep for ice. In heavy collaboration with the University of Arizona for its development of the arm technology used to obtain and analyze samples of martian soil, the mission will seek evidence of life. While the University of Arizona is claiming the first university to leave part of mission to Mars, the University of M I double S I double S I double P I -- English version -- is claiming the first ever graduate with a law degree in space. National Center for Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law awarded Michael Dodge with the sheepskin. [Whispers] Sheepskin. [Sounds of pencil writing] Parchment. Certificate. Well, you don't need a space law to tell you whos fault it is when a star explodes. It's the star's own fault! Known for being older than grandpa, these stars are named red giants for being in their final stages of existance. Luckily we've got exactly 7.59 billion years to go before that happens -- though we might change that -- and when they die, the red giants can blow out into millions of pieces, or more. Astronomers in Arizona are taking a closer look at a million red giants to see what's up. By snapping pictures of space periodically, they're looking for any changes from million to million. Interestingly, in this case they're looking for red giants that just simply disappear instead of blowing up, in case that might be happening. Because if it were, then these old stars might also implode as apposed to explode and if it implodes. . . [Sound of Joanne making explosion noise] It might lead to a black hole in the fabric of our imaginations. In Houston, Discovery astronauts completed a dress rehearsal for their upcoming lunch. That's odd. Why are astronauts always doing lunches? Oh, it says launch. Wait a minute. It says right here: A dress rehearsal for an upcoming lunch. That's odd. Why are astronauts always talking about lunches? Oh, that says launch. Wait a minute. With a Z by the way. It says right here: A dress rehearsal for an upcoming lunch. That's odd. So on and so forth. Wait a minute. Looks up with a Z. It says right here. A dress rehearsal for an upcoming lunch. Oh wait a minute. That's odd. Why are astronauts always talking about lunches? It says right here! Wait a minute, with a Z by the way. It says right here: A dress rehearsal for an upcoming lunch. . .

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