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13D01473_Beyond Antivirus

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It's time to move beyond antivirus to proactive protection. For faster, more secure endpoints, activate Network Threat Protection. In 2007, hundreds of thousands of malware variants were each infecting millions of computers with a single string of malware. Traditional antivirus stopped most of these attacks, but the threat landscape has evolved. Today, it's more sophisticated, more targeted, more dangerous. As malware variants mutate and morph, traditional antivirus can't keep up. In 2012, millions and millions of malware variants were at large and were more sophisticated in how they compromise your system and extract your data. With 43 percent more targeted attacks in 2012, protecting your information has never been so critical. One wrong click on a legitimate-looking link could cost your business hundreds of thousands or even millions to recover from. For Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 customers, the ability to move beyond antivirus to full protection is merely a checkbox away. It starts with network threat protection, and it's one of the five layers of protection every endpoint needs to combat both known and unknown threats. As an example, an employee receives an email from someone she thinks is a friend sending her an attachment. She clicks on the link, and malware deploys. In this drive-by attack, hackers look for vulnerabilities in the infrastructure or in the system itself. The downloading malware would look like hundreds of lines of code infiltrating the system, but the problem is traditional antivirus can't see or stop it. The malware works silently, sometimes for months or even years, extracting data, infecting other systems, or waiting to take control of business critical systems. For protection against drive-by downloads, social engineering, and unpatched vulnerabilities, turn on Network Threat Protection. Now, when the employee clicks on the affected link, the malware is blocked from ever infecting the system. Full malware protection requires the five layers of protection within Symantec Endpoint Protection 12. Network, file, reputation, behavior, and repair. To move beyond antivirus, deploy more proactive protection for faster, more secure endpoints. To upgrade to Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 and ensure you have the five layers of protection you need, visit

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13D01473_Beyond Antivirus

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