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La pesadilla de la privatización de los sueños

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The nightmare of the privatization of the dreams The foundation of the existence is energy, that "vital spark" or "vital force" that some identify with the"soul" and that perhaps becomes fully evident when the body sleeps and the dreams awaken. This "vital impulse", is the inexhaustible source from which in a perennial way flow from the minute quartz up to the immeasurable structures of the black matter. For Jorge Luis Borges, the animals live in the eternity because they are not aware of that vital spark and they are not concerned with keeping it forever. Precisely when we become aware of this energy we turn into simple mortals because we know that we earned it when we were born and we loose it when we die even though many still may keep the faith of preserving it alive for centuries and centuries. This vital substance in Spinoza covers the double substances as much as that of the mental and material immanence. This thinker that dream with a clear labirynth (as stated by Borges) is referring to philosophical and metaphysical theories of the divine presence, that hold that a divine being or essence glimpses in the dreams and that it manifests itself through all the aspects of the material world. Of course that now that materalization has reached extremes of becoming beasty as denounced by George Gessert in "The Orgy of Power" when he shows a civilization armed to their necks and headed by the United States who with its tortures like the ones on Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo reach the height cruelty. That cruel spirit was unmasked by Foucault in the panoptic where fear eats away the soul. The human being is automatized, his individuality is taken away, he is turned into a beast and he remains trapped in that nightmare which seizes even his words. Is not so much the watchfulness of the neighbor as the auto vigilance of one self which is fed by that Christian doctrine "of the pain and the guilt" and of the reward for the sacrifice. That ill fated vision of guilt has gone to unthinkable boundaries: it is the slave that we carry within, the one that suppresses any signs of libertarian. It is the most tenacious because it is not exercised from the body but rather from within the soul. This fertile land of "subjugated souls", "sacrificed forces" and "privatized dreams", allows for the flowering societies and controlled environments in a Machiavellian way the way we are able to see it in movies The Corporation and Inception. Thom Hartman in his book "Unequal Protection: the birth of the corporate domination and the theft to human rights", suggests that the corporations, as legal people with a body but without a soul, exceed the church and the state. In "Gangs of America: the rise of corporate power and the disabling of democracy", by Ted Nace, the roots of the omnivore power of the corporations can be seen with their predatory greed fed by the knuckle-dragging Neanderthal way of thinking of a well paid academic elite. In a paradoxical way this corporations, for instance that of bio combustibles, produce abominable riches at the expense of the starving of billions of people. In other words they takes lives away, they make an attempt against the vital force and they privatize even dreams. Fortunately Martin Luther King's dream is the dream of many idealists. Ideas are like seeds that even though they are buried for centuries (like those found in the pyramids of Egypt), they are reborn now not only in one person but in whole communities. It was demonstrated by the youth of Egypt who in 18 days took out a tyrant. Some ask themselves if this group protests are calculated, have identity or are simply an interactive movement that will soon loose its spirit. It has been proven that the social networks play a key role in channeling that social rage. They help to spread the spark. When the Utopia betrayed by the false revolutionary prophets seemed to be extinguishing, was reborned out of its own ashes, because now the creation of a collective intelligence is possible, to again dream of paradises here on earth, backed in their technology, backed in their compassion, in their generosity. In the movie "Inception", Leonardo DiCaprio (who plays Dom Cobb) says that "once an idea is placed in the brain, is almost impossible to eradicate it", especially when that idea palpitates like a liberation because, as the African priest Desmond Tutu suggest, "when a village opts to be free, there is nothing that can stop it". I am not against businesses, or against marketing, nor against property that is if it is controlled as the Greeks exerted it. I believe that they are necessary for the human development when they are exercised in a just way, with a soul, with spirit, with the vital force, with compassion, because like Mahatma Gandhi explained, "there is enough to satisfy the needs of everyone, but there is not enough to satisfy the greed of a few".

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Posted by: literatura on Feb 18, 2011

De cómo es posible resucitar la utopía para enfrentar la pesadilla de las depredadoras corporaciones.

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