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2017 - Sales Force Website Makeover Walk Through

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- Sound good. So let's go girl. OK. - All right, let's go. OK. So these colored blocks, Cheryl, a lot of people go straight to these colored blocks when they logged in. And I don't know if you guys remember, but I remember back when we first went into the system, people were having some difficulties finding things. - And so, we said, "okay we'll..." yeah. - No. go figure with thousands of - documents that we have. - No. So we put this blocks up temporarily, right? - To help everybody. - Yeah. But they kind of...became - not so temporarily. - Yes. They kinda live there ever since - we went to this new website. - Exactly. - Over a year a go. - Yeah. And I don't know if you guys notice but, they're kind of a manual process for us. And so we have to post... We have to make that brand new every week for all the languages. - And we're only human. - Right. - And we make mistakes, you know. So... - Absolutely. It's really good to get rid of that. And go to this more visual kind of directory... that, you know, you might have to work a little bit at first, but you're gonna learn it. You're gonna love it. - Right? - Okay, yes. So what I wanna do is - kinda go through each of those section. - All right. - Sound's about right. - So we're gonna talk about how these relate to these new categories. - Okay, perfect. Yep. All right. So starting off with the biggest one and that is this sort of gold-ish brown that says "Party Prep" at the top. - Uh-uh. - Everything that you found in there - up until this point, Cheryl, - Yep is gonna be in the "Party Prep Recruiting" category. - Okay. - Right. - So I got a little picture of that, there. - Okay. And also, I'm gonna go - to the next slide to the recruiting - Okay. - and everything in that gold blocks. - Okay. - It's all gonna go back... -It's also in that... "Party Prep Recruiting" category. Okay, so, when I see this picture 'cause that's what I'm gonna look for now, right? I'm gonna look for the picture, gosh, it looks like a party y'all. - Yeah. - So, everything that happen at the party that's what you're gonna click on. - That picture. - Yep. Which is then gonna open up all of what you can find. Exactly. So there will be some sub-category there. Added offers, brochures, catalog, you'll see everything that you need there. - Recruiting, might say yes. - Right. - Where the party will take you, all that. - Yes. - You got it. - It will all be there. So if it's connected to a party, in any shape or form, that's where you gonna go. - That's where you gonna find it, right? - Yes, exactly. So if we have a two-weeks host offer, right? And we've updated the host special sheet. - It will be loaded here, right? - Right. It will be here and it will be at added offer. - Right, in added offer. - Yep. We can go there. That would be my go-to place, right? - To find that guy, so. - You got it. So, if it's got anything to do with the party, look at the party picture, right? That's the icon, and that's where you gonna find. - Yes, all right. - Okay, love it. So then the fundraiser program - that's in the green box. - Yes. And everything that's there isn't that uh... helping your community category, right? So, that's why you'll go for that. - So, we will have a little icon for that? - Right. We're working on all the icons, guys. Or the picture. That's why I like to call it. We got a lot of the picture but still not have all of them. So, they'll be a picture that remind you - of the fundraiser, yeah, right? - of the fundraiser. Okay, perfect. Now, the product alert, the product knowledge, and recipe they have their own categories. So, they'll have their own separate image. So, I don't know. Maybe I just thought of this, Anna. So, I were go back to the second or third or whatever was on here, and see that, - I can see the party one, right? - Right. So, and then I can see the product, and then I can see recipe, - right. - It actually says recipe underneath - the picture, right? - underneath, yeah. I got it. So, I don't have to stop and think, "Oh, shoot, doggie." - you know where I'm going for that? - Right. It's a picture this one has a picture of a piece of pie, right? And underneath it, it says recipe, right? - So, how easy is that? - Definitely. Easy! Okay, yay! So, all three of those. Product alert, product knowledge, recipe, - they have their own special picture. - They all have their own. - Yep. - That I can click on. And then it will open up, and give me more information. - Yep, you got it. - Okay, yay. Now, "My Week" that's gonna be available on the update section. Right. So, "Updates" that's where you gonna have our newest update, our products alert, those sorts of thing. And that's where you'll find "MyWeek" - Okay, and that, too will have a picture. - Yeah. I'm guessing it's gonna be something with like an exclamation point at it. Something that reminds you of alert. - Right. - Okay. So, it's an alert. So we have something right now, we don't know what that is. - Right. - Okay, we have an amazing team - working on it. - We do. We just want you to know that this too will have a picture, just like what we have showed you - at the beginning, right? - Everything has a picture. - Yeah. - Okay. And then of course, "Last 14 Days" Cheryl, not going anywhere. Yay, thank you. So, anything that's added in the last 14 days will still appear there. And that is the first category that you will see. Okay, so when I log on, I'm gonna see "Last 14 Days" first. And this is, right now, the little icon - that they're using, right? - Yes. So it makes it real simple guys, a big number "14" I mean, it tells you it's the "Last 14 Days" I can click on that and then my "Last 14 Days" will open up. - Yes. - And it's always positioning, guys. - With the newest at the top, - Yep. and you scroll down to anything that was there at the last 14 day. - You got it. - Okay, perfecto. All right, so now, what I thought we would do was just sort of click through Okay, then show me what it looks like? - Exactly. Right. - Perfecto. So, this is the first 8 category that show up on your land. So, if you guys can see. If you looking at it right now, you go over to the fourth one - that's the party screen, right? - Yep. And that's the one we shared with you before where you can find your host offers, where you can find your brochures, the brochures video, - Yup. - Um...recruiting, - anything that happens at the party, right? - Exactly. Okay, yay. And something that we want to put out here on this page. You might notice that the second category is, Cheryl, - it says "Business Leaders" on it - Yes. Now, we've learned a new trick. We've learned a few new tricks, right. So, on November 1st, the system will be smart enough to know if you're a business leader or not. If you are a business leader, then that's the second category you'll see. If you're not a business leader, then all the other categories would just kinda - shove over. Right. - Move over, right. And so, only the business leader will see - the rose icon, right. - Exactly. And if you're not a business leader, everything will be shift over the "Last 14 Days" will remember, will remain - Yes. - the first icon that you'll see - when you log on. Okay. - Definitely. - Right. - Yay. - So, can you... - So... - can we just right here, kinda go back. - Absolutely. Yeah. So if you look, guys, as we're talking you'll see the "Last 14 Days" then you'll see the "New Consultant" which is geared for that "New Consultant" right? - Uh-uh. - The Party, Party Prep, Recruiting, that's all about the party. There's your product knowledge, right? So, we show the picture of the "Micro Pro Grill" but if you click that on, Anna gonna do this in a minute, you'll see what's gonna show up. There's your recipes, pretty simple, there's a picture of a piece of pie. So, that's a recipe. and then for you, those are all program, right? All that recognition, all of that. - Uh, no. Just program. Sorry. - Just program. - Just program. - Trips. - Trips, program, and then... - What should drive. - We have Recognition. - Yes. So, if you're um...coming up to Jubilee, right? For everybody. Leadership Conference for our - one star director and above, instructor, - Yep. and our business leader, that's where they would click on to find out what that Recognition is. And that's all. So, you can just click on to find out and see - previous Recognition, right? - Yes. So, like when we do the top, you know, the best of the best, every week and every month - all of that. - I will click there, right? - All the Recognition's there. - Okay, yay. It's all in one place, I love it. I know. So...Okay... So, let's click through one just so we can go all the way through, right. - Cheryl, let's do product knowledge. - Okay. And so, when you're using your desktop, when you hover any of this, you'll see this little kind of turn gray and then there's an Explore button you can click. If you on your iPad or you phone, - you can just click the picture. - All right. And then here we go, we're in product knowledge. - And here... - And this is what it looks like? And this is what it looks like. - Don't you all my best. - Nice, right? I mean it' know exactly what you're clicking on. - That's why the little icon. - I know. - It's beautiful. - And underneath, if you're not sure it's like a new consultant, we basically say, bakeware, cookware, cutlery, gadgets, tools, microwave cooking, reheating. I mean it's very intuitive. It's the words that we use in the field. So, very field-friendly guide. - You got it. - Okay. So, yay. Let's do some microwave reheating. How's that? So, again. We have hover over that. We get that little explore button, we click it. And here we are with the first added items in the microwave reheating category. - Okay. - And that's the picture of the product. - What could be easier than that? - Nah, it's pretty easy. - Right? - Right. It's pretty easy. - So, I click on that picture? - Yeah. So let's click on the Microwave Pressure Cooker. - Okay let's do that. - All right. So here are the attachment that we're showing right now, for the Microwave Pressure Cooker. And this is test, our tests that I'm doing, so you might recognize there's a few missing that you usually see in there. But, so, here's 5 PDFs we have list. Okay. So, I click on the Microwave Pressure Cooker. Click on that little icon, the picture of the Microwave Pressure Cooker. - And then this open up, right? - Yes. - Okay. - So all of the attachment there's images, there's PDFs, there's Microsoft Word documents, there's Power Points, - those are gonna be listed here. - All the recipes? - Yup. - Okay. Those are all here. That's how we do the product knowledge section. - Okay. - And... if you click on one of those, remember Cheryl, we have this previewer - Right. - So... and the previewer, we've kinda use to it. We've that little preview window for a while, but this is where we learn a couple new tricks. The first thing, Cheryl, is this on the left hand side, that little window that kinda - blocking part of the document? - Yes. That's all five of those attachments - that we looked at on the previous page. - Yes. So, now it's really easy if it wasn't really this one what I wanted to see, if it was something else that I wanted to see, yeah, I can just click on that one. - I don't have to go back? - Exactly. - Yay. - And... when you're ready to view the entire document, you just click on this little arrow and it will collapses over to the left. So, the little arrow which I don't know - if you guys can see it on... - Okay, back. - I think they can see it, it's pretty big. - Yeah, see. - that little arrow, right there. - Yep. Click that and um... it's gonna take me back - to where I was before I click on. - Right. So, and if I click on the little list icon, now that that created, I can pull out back again. - Back out again, yay. - Yeah. And then if I wanted to go to the last slide, of course, so, I could do that as well. Brilliant. A few more things to look at. We have gotten rid of those tiny little arrows that used to be there, Cheryl, - that go back and forth, they're gone. - Yes, yes. So, now we have a previous resource link at the top. So, if you wanted to see whatever the item was before the Microwave Pressure Cooker, you have the next resource that would show you the next item. Okay. So, instead of go back and forth - to come here, yay. - Yup. And... then of course don't forget - when you're ready. - I know. - Click the "X" - On the inside. - Yes. - Right, that would take you back to the page that you were at. - Exactly. - Right. If you click on the very top, it's gonna take you all the way - out of the website, right? - Yes. So, I learn that the hard way. Okay. So, I always looked for that little "X" - Definitely. - Okay. So, yay. So, I also wanna talk about we've...kinda made quite a few clicks to get down in here, right? It's almost like we made a trip to grandma house in the woods. And we left the breadcrumb... We left the breadcrumb trails, right? And Cheryl, let's hope no bird has eaten - those breadcrumb, right? - That's what I said this morning. Yeah, but they're here. So, now... If you look at the top here where the arrow is pointing, that's the breadcrumb trail. You might recognize it from other websites and we're gonna start using it as well. So, if I want to click on any of those pink parts, out of the breadcrumb trail, I can actually move back. So, for example, I click on the Microwave Reheating, it takes me back to that page. If I click on Product Knowledge, - it takes me back there, and if... - back into Product Knowledge. Okay. if I go to resources, then that takes me - all way back to the beginning. - all way back to the front. - Yup. - Got it. And something else we'll point out on this page, especially for the "Last 14 Days" this is great. - Yeah, this is really good. - We have that last Update Date that we've added to all of the attachments. So, if you're not sure if it's been updated, or if you heard from someone that it was updated, you wanna make sure that's the right one, you can see the date. So, if we go and change something tomorrow, Cheryl, - and it will show tomorrow's date. - tomorrow's date. - Exactly. - That way, you always know that you're using the latest and greatest, the most updated one. - Yes. - Okay. So, yay. - That's a happy y'all - Yes, definitely a happy. It's a happy, so you don't have to compare what do they change, right? So, thank you. And this is really cool. So, let's talk about search. Okay. I know a lot of people don't wanna talk about search. - But, it gotten so much better. - it gotten so much better. - It used to not work at all. - Yeah, it didn't. Now it's work pretty well but, the biggest issue that I see is when you typing a word - that maybe isn't the word to type in. - Right. - And so, we have solution for that. - Yay. And I'm sure you've seen this at Google - when you do search at Google, right? - I have. So, check this out. When you go to do a search, on the site, beginning at November 1st, - Uh-uh. - As you start to type, - Okay. - it's gonna drop down recommendations. So in this example you see, I started to type - Pressure Cooker. - Yes. - And I got "Pressure Co..." - Right. - And then it just show me - Opens up. - And it show you all of those thing. - Showed me all the things. - Yep. - Right. So, then I could click on - "My Product" right? - Yep. You can click on one of those that drops down. - Right. - One of those little folders. And it will take you right there. - Right to my Microwave Pressure Cooker? - Yes. - I don't even have to go to Product. - Right. - Yay. Okay. - Just right from the search. One of the biggest question I get, Cheryl, - is where is the warranty information. - Yeah. So, this morning I tried. I typed in "Warra" and boom, there's all of the warranty information's. - Wow. - Right. That's so awesome. And you know what, guys, now that we have the warranty online, right? This is where you wanna make sure that you're going, because you no longer have to call costumer care, right? Your costumer can call... go right online, - and take care of their warranty. - Right. Now, you can still do it, right? Or you can have them go to the website - and make them do it. But if - Right you're looking for...because I have a party this Saturday, I've told Anna. I have a party on Saturday, right. I went to a Tupperware party. And that I got some warranty items, right? So I need to replace it in "Cookware" right? So, cookware, you have to... you gotta send it in, So, I can just go on to my personal website, click, typing the "Warranty" it's gonna open itself up, if I don't know where to go, 'cause I'm thinking, where is it?" Type it in on the search, find it and the proceed with...step by step - because it tells me exactly what to do, right? - Yup. So, this is a real happy, guys. As a matter of fact, I think this is a bell ringer. Okay. So, yay. [Bell ringing] [Bell ringing] Awesome. - I'm glad you like it. - Yeah, I do. I like that a lot. So, thank you. So, if you guys wanted... wanted to come back and watch this again, and just look at those screens, and just try to familiarize yourself with the categories, you can even go out today, even, Cheryl. And we have those little categories - on the left hand side. - Yes. They're the same. We're not gonna change any name, we're not gonna move anything around. You're just gonna take the words and make them picture. Pictures, right. So, you can learn more things if you wanna explore a little bit. Okay. Yay. Love that.

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2017 - Sales Force Website Makeover Walk Through

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