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Have you ever traveled to America or seen an American movie? Yes, I have been to America around 5 times. Most recently, was 2 months ago, I travelled to San Francisco. Almost 3/4 of the movies I watch are American. What's the greatest thing about America? The greatest thing in America is how so many different cultures exist for generations that truly make America what it is. The different cultures and people make America stand out. The diversity is not only in culture and people but also diversity in landscape and climate. What's the worst thing about America? The worst thing about America is that it doesn't appreciate the diversity that lies within her country. Instead of learning more about a culture and appreciating it, America, in her current political state has been taking this difference in belief and tradition to create more division between people. How do you view Americans? Why do you think they're like that? I have met many Americans in my life. They all have been different. Some really outgoing and others shy. I cannot put 300 million people into one box. Something most of the Americans I met have shared that they were generally laid back. How do you view the different regions of America: north east, south, mid-west, and west? When I think of the northeast, I think of New York, Chicago, and I think of rain and really good universities like Harvard. When I think of the south, I think of Texas and the states wanting to secede. The mid-west makes me think of a really average life, nothing too crazy. The west is obviously Hollywood, the sun, and the beach. Do you like America? Why or why not? As a country, yes. I appreciate its innovation and influence STEM subjects. However, as a government, I do not agree with many of the foreign policy decisions carried out. Nonetheless, America did bring me my favorite movies, Rain Man and Goodfellas. What is your source of information about America? I have gotten information by visiting it and being told first-hand stories by some Americans. Also, television and news platforms. Look at these photos and pick two people that look most like Americans. They all look American. America has no default race. I could easily view all of them as Americans. What do you think are the two highest ethnic populations of America? Why do you think that? I believe that it would be black people, due to the slave trade. Also western European group because of mass immigration during the 1920’s. How can you tell that someone visiting your country is American? In Saudi Arabia, the majority has really strong and dark features like long nose, dark eyes, dark hair, and brown skin. You can also tell if someone is Saudi by the way they act and move. So, I would be able to tell by their physical appearance and their accent. Also, Saudi men and women most of the time wear the traditional dress. How would you think Americans view your country? I think many Americans will automatically think that it is oppressive and limiting. I don't blame them because that's all they've been told without even visiting it.

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Posted by: cjkass7 on Jan 15, 2017

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