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Vidas Ambulantes

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This didn't start out with me. It comes from here. But they taught it to me long ago. I learned it. Look. This street leads to another one; that one, to another, and that one leads to a road connected to all roads. This was my school, one step, one note; every seven steps, a scale, and everywhere a hand that plays, charges, pays, that feeds you and then returns to the guitar. A caressing hand, because music is learned through the skin. Sometimes the hand strikes a face. What can I say. Everything... that was my school. The streets are a broken instrument you know. Have you ever heard a guitar with two sound holes? Stand on this corner and when you feel like leaving realize you are not running away, but searching. It will come out the wrong hole of this old, out-of-tune guitar. You'll go looking for the melody and I'll be here, in the corner, this one, or that one. I'll stay here with the guys, see if we can fix this shit once and for all. Where do I play? And we all start to sing. From the series: THE CASH IS IN THE STREET OR THE STREET NEVER ENDS TRANSIENT LIVES Guatemala live! Guatemala in El Salvador! I have been sent by the Savior of the World. We are teaching the word God gave me. The only word of Christ the Savior. Forgive us, o my God.♫♫ ♫ have mercy and pity...♫ your breast has been with mercy♫ forgive us, my God, Christ wants to love me and doesn't love me. Christ wants to tell me, and tells me not. One thing that god told me is I should truly love Jesus. Ladies and gentlemen, if you love Christ, do it truly. Sure, sure, we should be grateful for everything, no matter what, we have to be grateful for everything, if you are alive and breathe, if you open your eyes in the morning, then, thank you. That´s a benefit. The street offers many options, many opportunities For those who want to be lost, to lose themselves, and for those who want improve, to improve. It's that easy. The street is an open book. You can grab the best of it, or you can choose to shut it. I am a street vendor; this has been my career for 16 years. Vending from zone 8 to zone 3. Sandwiches! I have ham, beans, good horchata... coffee and milk! Handsome, what would you like, honey? What can I get you, darling? What do you say, baby? I only got one today, dear; I'll let you have it if you buy a bread. Just look for me; I'm here with my bread, and in the afternoons also atol, tostadas. tacos and sodas. We come at four. The street teaches you a lot. good things, bad things... to be tougher, but also to be more sensitive. And you learn, you see that we have all kinds of everything, and we are poor. Because you see people out there, in a BMW, a Volvo, they see someone, they want to get through, and they don't give a damn, they go through because they have money. That's it. That's why we are screwed, that lack of sensitivity, Right now we just have to thank God that things worked out for the day, and vámonos. The life of a roving musician is good. Not that I want to be a tax cheat, but the money is in the street, and you have to go get it. In any case, especially with knowledge, I think people who don´t have any didn't learn in the streets the stuff you learns as a kid. Hello. Where are you? Hurry up, then. Where are you? Hurry up then. We have a job right now. Tell him we are headed for the laundry pool, the one in Zone 3. Where are you now? Oh, then we better wait right here. It's tough, because it´s difficult to make it in the street, and even harder for musicians. People hear you and get to know you, then they call you over as soon as they see you. But it's difficult, it's hard. Not everyone can make it in the street, you have to have guts, the will to improve your lot. Love your job. and not just do it, but do it with feeling, so that you can pass on the vibe to the client, who wants entertainment, fun, who wants to relieve stress, and you have to be the instrument that makes it happen, all the time. You can´t just go one time and never come back. You need to be there often so the audience doesn´t forget you. A street musician doesn't just go to one place. You work here, and, say for three days you don't make any money, so you go, say, to Esquipulas. If things don´t look good there, you head for Chiquimula, and it doesn't work out either, so you head for Cobán, and that works, so you stay for a week, get a few pennies, then head somewhere else. That´s a street musician. You also have those who just sing. You can sing, but it´s not the same when you have to express your feelings through music. That´s what I want to show people, that when I sing, I am not just singing. What I give the people comes from my soul. Sol, second Sol, depends, Fa is somewhere around here, Second Fa. That is called CLAVIJA. It´s out of tune... and there you go, it´s ready. Yes we can! The instrument carries great emotional weight for the musician. Too much, because it´s his own history. The instrument represent his history, his relationship with his master, his relationship to his audience, and his relationship with himself. They say there is a love-hate relationship between a musician and his instrument. A roaming musician is more cultured, because he´s lived more. It´s like someone who´s never left their country, or their town, and someone else who´s seen the world, had more experience, made more contacts that allowed him to grow. An itinerant musician has more knowledge. We are all trubadors. This can never end. It would be as if there were no more love letters. They are a reflection of what we carry inside. In the university, there are either people who talk too much, or others who don't say enough. So they never give you their all. In the street, on the other hand, you can see anything. That's the difference. I learned in the street. I am a music teacher and I learned in the street. I´ve played mariachi music since I was a kid, and I am also a composer. I composed a song for News Channel 7: ♪♫News 7 is a very important channel...♫♫ ♫♫where they show the news from my country♫♫ ♪♪My Guatemala is a very large place♫♫ ♫♫where many things happen for a reason.♫♫ ♪♫Crime nowadays is boiling over♪♫ ♪♫they rob buses and even kill for no reason... ♫♫humble people walking down the street♫♫ are robbed and murdered without mercy.♫♫♫ ♫♫I want to sing to all those fathers♫♫ ♫who care for and send their kids to school♫♫ ♫♫so all this crime will end in Guatemala♫♫ ♫♫and throughout my country.♫♫ I like to imitate many artists. Here is Vicente Fernandez... Like José Alfredo Jiménez said, "I am more deserving of praise than money", because money is a handful of garbage that only leads to vice and will take you over until you die. "The Stone Cross", please, for my uncle Javier. I´ll tell you something... this whole thing is a calling. Despite my age, I haven´t lost my will to sing. I give love when I sing, I try to put all I can into it, so much so that... People feel well with me. I don´t know. I feel something like a need to sing. Yes. I can´t just play a guitar, just play... I have to sing... like this, look... I started out singing in a trio. I sang second, third voice. But then I found what I am capable of and became a soloist. Here we are in Zona 3, at Jeimy´s store. It is a pleasure to be here this wonderful afternoon. We hope you enjoy these songs. Wait, San Caralampio, in this beautiful country, so pretty that is Guatemala, with its beauty and tradition. Guatemala, land of eternal spring, where the sound of the marimba is true. Singing is something that comes from the heart, because the artist brings joy to many depressed souls, and needs to transmit that feeling. Sometimes they feel sad, and then a musician shows up, and they feel like new, like they are walking on air, because the music touches their heart, and since music is the food of the soul... When you sing "Estos celos" to a lady, "Sabor a mi". Let´s not fight, my love, Not even the sun warms me up! Much less this thing! To us, working like this represents a sense of freedom. We can express our feelings, and let people know we are also human. I am everywhere. I roll around. I sleep there, over there, wherever. I had no mom, no dad, no brothers, nothing. I'm an orphan. But in the first grade I had a teacher who taught me to play guitar a little. "Look Pedro," he told me. "This could come in handy when you are old". And it's come in handy! What a troubadour, a bohemian, looks for is someone who's got something inside, and wants to let it out. It´s looking for a drunk, That´s key. Because when they are drunk, they say: "A song, Maestro, please." Someone who works has a right to eat. If you don´t work, then suffer. That´s what I think. But it has to be honest work, because if you are just messing around then you might as well go ask the judge to put you away. You have to talk to the guitar. That´s the biggest secret. There´s something very special about the guitar. The guitar takes you over, sucks you in; it seduces you. It´s the guitar that sleeps with me, not my wife. The guitar doesn't nag. My wife does. This is a real job. We come in and we run into some people, sometimes they are very quiet, or sometimes they don´t want to pay you. It´s happened to me. There are some things you have to learn in life. Today you win and today you lose. That´s reality. A bohemian doesn´t just jump in there. What he does has to be from the heart. It´s like music, you play from the heart, you sing from the heart. A musician who has an instrument and knows how to play should play for life. That´s my best advice. When the musician gives his all to music, then he communicates with God. It´s a very special thing to be a bohemian because you write your best songs, your best life stories, what you have seen and experienced. A real bohemian knows where to take people, with laughter, singing and crying. With me you can sing and cry, The Shadow said. Thank you very much. It´s a very... beautiful feeling. something you can never tear from your soul. You are getting into that moment, the deepest feeling of the person who asks you for the song. It´s like a doctor who can´t take medicine to someone, and people can´t get to him either. I want to bring music to every person, but not everyone can go to a bar or a restaurant to listen. I have to bring it to them. I am the one who brings music to the people, like a preacher brings the Word to the world. We are not in this business for the money. The music is inside of us. We were born with it and we are going to die with it. The most important thing about music is silence. Because when there´s silence you can hear everything. To see how you are doing, make sure you won´t screech, miss a note, you have the scale: ♪♪Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do♫♫ To me, wearing mariachi garb is truly a great thing, because if we can´t stand behind it it would be a mistake. Everyone says: "Here comes Chente", My name is not Chente. My name is Magdaleno Díaz Salazar, better known as "Maleno". But everybody is like, "El Chente". So I am "el Chente" of Guatemala. If I just were. Being a mariachi is an experience, a musician, not a professional because we are far from it, but I wouldn´t change it for anything. You are a part of art, of music, and if you bring that joy to people, you also get something back. You have no borders, no social standing. People from every social position accept you, and music opens doors for you. The musician has everything, you can even open borders with music. Music is infinite, too big for me. The greatest school is the street, where all kinds of terrible things happen. The root of musical art is in the provinces, the home. The tradition of the street musician is never goign to end. It comes generation after generation. It is never going to end. The art of music will always prevail, especially the street musician. I ask God that I want to keep on making music until He says: "Okay, Maleno", or Chente, whatever He wants to call me, "you reached your goal". As long as God gives us health, I want to keep making music until the last day of my life, as long as people clap for me, until the last minute, that's when I'll stop singing. I'm going to the street to get some work. God willing, I'll find it out there, I'll find my clients, that's where the work is.

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Vidas ambulantes es un recorrido por distintos personajes del trabajo informal que ambulan y deambulan por la ciudad de Guatemala. El centro simbólico de este recorrido son los músicos que, como sus ancestros los juglares, caminan por las calles, bares, cantinas y restaurantes interpretando un amplio repertorio de canciones que son el espíritu vivo de un poético e intenso imaginario estético latinoamericano.

Vidas ambulantes rinde un homenaje a estos personajes.

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